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AC's ACTION and FREE PLAY for 9/12/15
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Good start with Utah St last night.  7 Plays this weekend.  Get them FREE with a 7 day trial by registering:

Join me every Saturday at 10:00 throughout the football season as I discuss the upcoming week of football on blogtalkradio:

This week I'll discuss how to handicap the first month of the season


App St vs Clemson
Play on: App St +20

Clemson returns only 10 (7 3) starters with some significant losses on defense.  There is talent on this team, and they will rely heavily on QB Watson.  App St is a team we like alot in the Sunbelt with 20 (10 100 starters back.  In only their 2nd year of FBS, they are a legit contender in the Sunbelt, as they look to build on last years strong finish.  They certainly don't have the talent of the Tigers, but we feel they can hang with in 2 TD's


Seattle vs SL
Play On: SL +4

The divison home dog is the best bet in the NFL.  Seattle comes in off the superbowl hangover, with an excruciating loss to the Patriots.  The defense is still good and they added a playmaker in Jimmy Graham, but the OL is an issue.  The take on a Ram team that is pretty good at the point of attack, especially in the DL.  They added Qb Nick Foles, but are there enough playmakers on this team to make the playoffs?  We see SL as a sleeper in the NFC and like their chances outright in this game

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