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AC's ACTION and FREE PLAYs for 9/19/15
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This week I'll discuss money management and overreactions early in the season


LT vs Kansas St
Play on: LT +9.5

This is on odd line to me.  Kansas St usually thrives in spots like this against mid majors.  Bill Snyder is a great coach.  He relies on JUCO's who only has 12 (6 6) starters back including a new QB.  LT also has 12 (7 5) back, not including QB Jeff Driskoll who transferred from Florida.  This is a solid mid major team who attacks on defense.  It looks a little to easy to take Kansas St in this game, so will go with LT


San Diego vs Cincinnati
Play On: SD +3

The Bengals won easily at Oakland.  We had the Raiders but they laid an egg.  The Bengals are a solid team, but how long will they stay behind QB Dalton if they keep losing big games?  QB Philip Rivers is spectacular as a dog.  We aren't sold on their front 7, but like them in this spot

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