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AC's Action and FREE Plays for 10.3.15
Pretty good start to college football:  55% with 75% on best bets.  7 Plays this weekend (including a best bet in NCAAF). Get them FREE with a 7 day trial by registering:

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This week I'll grade my preseason predictions in NCAAF


Ole Miss vs Florida
Play on: Florida +7.5

Role reversal for Ole Miss.  Road favorite by over a TD in a big game could be problematic. Statistically the numbers  look great on both sides  of the ball: except on 3rd down (39% (o) 45% (d).  It's tough to continuosly produce playing 3rd down like that on the road against a team with a really good defense (3.1 ypc 5.9 ypa).  The offense has been productive, except on 3rd down (35%).  We look for this one to be a fight till the end, maybe even an upset


SL vs Arizona
Play On: SL +7

Pretty big number to be laying to a decent division foe.  But the Cardinals have garnered some headlines early on this season.  I still think they are overrated a bit, mainly on the OL and the secondary.  No question thye are a different team with Carson Palmer at QB.  I like this Ram defense and at the point of attack.  The offense is still inconsistent and some playmakers need to step up, but I see this as a tight division game

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