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Arkansas vs Alabama
Play on: Arkansas +16.5

Sandwich game for the Crimson Tide as they come off a big win at Georgia and Texas AM on deck.  The defense has been stellar, but Bama is still struggling converting on 3rd down (32%).  Its still a young team in many spots, but the QB position looks a bit more setlled than it did last week.  Arkansas has had and un and down season, most recently up with a win at Tennessee last week.  The offense has been fine, but the pass D (8.4 YPA and 3rd down (45%) has hurt this team.  It's a big number in a letdown spot for the Tide, so take the points


SL vs GB
Play On: SL +10

Green Bay is my pick for the SuperBowl, and I haven't seen anything to change that over the first 4 games. Problem is they are being priced like the favorite.  The rush defense needs to tighten (4.8 YPC), which is leading to a pedestrian 3rd down defense (41%).  The Rams were a sleeper pick of mine and they've been pretty decent so far.  I like them at the point of attack.  If Gurley and Austin turn into consistent playmakers, this is a dangerous team.  First order is to make plays on 3rd down (33% off 41% def).  Too many points in this game

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