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AC's Action and FREE Plays for 11.7.15
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Kentucky vs Georgia
Play on: Kentucky +14

I'll fade the Bulldogs in this one as they haven't been able to get off the canvas after getting knocked out a few weeks ago by Alabama.  There is really nothing to play for for this team after that feeble showing against Florida.  There are rumblings that things are getting uncomfortable for head coach Mark Richt.  Kentucky has let me down the past few weeks, but they still are in line for a bowl.  They aren't great on 3rd down, but overall, they are an improved team that should stay wihin 2 TD's of Georgia


NY Giants vs Tampa Bay
Play On: Tampa Bay +2.5

The Giants stay on the road off that horrible excuse for a defense last week.  They are one of the worst 3rd down teams in the NFL (38% off, 48% def).  They take on a Tampa team having troubles finishing games.  They almost blew another big 4th quarter lead.  But the positive is they are a young team getting those big leads.  I like the direction of this team and think they win straight up at home over the Giants

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