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Oklahoma vs Baylor
Play on: Oklahoma +2.5

Funny line here.  This game opened at 7.  We'll find out if Baylor is for real, especially behind a back-up QB.  I know the system produces results, but that system is playing a very good, physical defense.  The Sooner offense isn't bad either.  Tempo teams start to slow down in November, especially against physical teams.  I still think Baylor is a bit soft, and will continue to believe so until proven otherwise.  The winner will still be alive for the CFP


Detroit vs Green Bay
Play On: Green Bay -10.5

About the only good thing you can say about Detroit is they are coming off a bye.  This team is in such turmoil, firing coaches and front office people, and don't have a QB to right the ship in my opinion.  This is a team to fade every week until proven otherwise.  Green Bay is my Super Bowl pick and has looked bad the past two weeks, especially at the point of attack on defense.  That could be problematic in the upcoming weeks, but not in this one as I see them rolling over the happless Lions

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