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AC's Action and FREE Plays for 11.21.15
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This week I'll discuss the value in underdogs and if there is more in the NFL or NCAAF


S Alabama vs Georgia St
Play on: Georgia St -2.5

South Alabama is battling for a 2nd consecutive bowl spot.  Yet they find themselves underdogs to a 3-7 team.  Doesn't pass the smell test.  Their defense isn't great, they stink on 3rd down, and beat themselves with mistakes.  That gets you beat on the road.  Georgia St doesn't run it very well, but they have a potent passing game (8.5 YPA).  i believe they will him some big plays in the passing game, which will get the win at home


Denver vs Chicago
Play On: Chicago +1

Denver has the defense to win the Super Bowl, but its offense is one of the worst in the NFL.  QB Peyton Manning is out, and that may be a good thing.  But backing a QB making his first start on the road in a win situation doesn't bode well.  Chicago is one of those teams that is difficult to figure out.  They blew the Rams out on the road last week.  The offense is serviceable and the defense isn't awful.  This team could have packed it in early in the season, but didn't.  So I'll take them at home to beat the Broncos

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