NBA Conference Final Picks

Updated: May 17, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.52.50 PMBy: Anthony “Ace” Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

The 2nd round nearly went according to plan. I end up with 3 out of 4 series winners with the Clippers getting the cold shoulder from the refs. No big deal, they still might of lost game 7 in OKC but definitely the Best series of all! Then we have the Spurs and Pacers getting better as the playoffs go on. Finally the Heat still having it on cruise control with challengers finally upon them!


Western Conference Championship

Oklahoma City Thunder (+175) vs San Antonio Spurs (-210)




This is what everyone expected to happen. The Thunder matches up very well against the Spurs and should give them all kinds of problems. MVP Kevin Durant would give any team a problem. On the other side the Spurs will give the Thunder equal problems. Serge Ibaka will be out the rest of the playoffs with a calf injury. Huge news that might change the way you think about this series. Without that down low presents the Spurs will have a much easier time scoring. I think Westbrook is the cancer to this series and will shoot them right out of a few games they could have won!

Prediction: Spurs win Series 4-2


Eastern Conference Championship

Miami Heat (-400) vs Indiana Pacers (+300)




This is exactly what everyone said all year a round. The only difference is this, the Pacers have improved from last year and I think the Heat are a tiny bit worse. Last year it went 7 games and this year will go 7 games again.  Miami is going to be so tough to beat. Lebron has something to prove once again but I am going with the Pacers here. Most people would totally disagree with me here but I think the Pacers are heating up at the right time. The Heat have really not been tested in weeks and should come out of the gate slow. I expect the Pacers to win 1 or both of these 1st two games. Miami will kick it into gear but might be a little too late. I am going to probably be the only Non-Pacer Expert out there not picking the Heat. This is Miami’s worst team in the last 4 years and all the other teams are better than last season. I am not a Miami Hater I am just selecting The Winner!

Prediction: Pacers win Series 4-3


Come back for the NBA Finals picks and insight from Anthony Michael! Please feel free to like/share this article or comment below. Good luck to all and if you’re gambling please remember to always play responsibly!

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