Pick of the Day May 21, 2014

Updated: May 21, 2014

Pick of the Day May 21, 2014

Record (0-1)

Coach Pop won the chess match in game 1 and should continue the trend. Without a down low presence we can't see the Thunder keeping it close. Durant and Westbrook need to play 48 minutes to have a chance. That won't happen and neither will a win here. Spurs Double Digit Victory! Spurs should continue to get high quality shots and keep that shooting percentage up around 55% like the last game. The Thunder will be shooting a lower shooting percentage because the will find themselves down early and will need the 3 ball to get them back in the game. Duncan to dominate once again and a double team will leave these great shooting open, watchout!

Pick: San Antonio Spurs -5.5 (1 Unit)

Good luck to all and remember to always play responsibly.

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