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Updated: May 30, 2014

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There there, let it out its ok, I know, I know, you lost Prince, Jose Fernandez, and Cliff Lee. Your not the only one and I'm here to help. Injuries are insane this year. We have had 19 Tommy John surgeries already this year. That matches last years entire season total of 19. It's been a rough year one of my teams had 7 guys on the DL at the same time, so I know a lot of you are scrambling and I have some help for you. I've noticed a lot of these pitchers getting hurt are young fireballers so two guys I would look out for and maybe try to trade are Garrett Richards and Garrit Cole. Now I'm not saying to give them away I'm just saying if you could get a good offer think hard about taking it. We're now going to get into free agent finds, and buy low sell high guys. For the free agent finds I'm using guys that are free agents in my leagues which are very competitive. I hate when I get free agent lists and all those guys are already taken in my leagues.

Free agent finds

1. Marcell Ozuna  OF

Started off very slow but is heating up as of late. Last 2 weeks 3 home runs with 10 R.B.I and a .341 OBP grab him now.

2. Garrett Jones  1B/OF

Remember when he burst onto the scene a couple years ago and looked like he was gonna hit 40 homers? Well he's lookin pretty good again. He has 8 home runs and a .335 OBP and is hot over his last 2 weeks with 3 home runs 11 R.B.I and a .396 OBP.

3. A.J. Pollock  OF

This kid was supposed to be an all-star but never panned out well this might be his year. Mark Trumbo's injury gave him a chance and the kids running with it. He started off the season at the bottom of the order but the last 3 games he's batting leadoff and on the season he's hitting .301 with 6 homers 15 R.B.I and 6 steals if your in need of someone with some pop and speed this is your guy he might be a 20/20 player who also has a nice batting average that's hard to find in a free agent.

4. Aramis Ramirez  3B

By now you know all about him if he was dropped I would give him a chance the guy always heats up in the summer he should come off the DL soon and could give you big offensive numbers down the stretch.

5.  Gregory Polanco  OF

The kid is tearing up the minors he's hitting .356 with 6 home runs 43 R.B.I and 10 stolen bases he's the real deal if he's available grab him immediately he should be up in 2 weeks give or take a week.

The pitchers are where things get tricky the free agent Pitchers you'll find are not going to be very realiable. You might get 3 good outings and the next they might blow up on you so be careful. With all the pitchers lost to injury streaming might be a good idea. I got some guys for you but remember you might not want to use them all the time.

1. Drew Pomeranz  SP

This guy has looked great except for one start the only problem with him is he only goes 5 innings if he could go deeper in games he'll be a great addition.

2.  Wade Miley SP

He's coming off an 11k game and has 6 quality starts out of 11 chances he's only had 2 really bad outings that hurt his ERA he's not a bad option.

3.  Jordan Lyles  SP

He's always going to be scary because he pitches at coors and well he's Jordan Lyles. If you look though he's only given up 9 earned runs in 4 starts at home and 6 came in one game. Hes actually been very good he's only given up more than 3 earned runs in 2 starts this year he's not a bad pickup at all.

4.  Dellin Betances  RP

Filthy. That's the only way to describe Dellin. 51 strike outs in 30 innings 1.47 ERA and a .78 WHIP unreal numbers and if anything happens to Robertson Dellin would become a top 3 closer.

Buy Low

1.  Homer Bailey  SP

Terrible start to the season but all his numbers are in line with his career and velocity is fine he's been very unlucky. This is probably your last chance to get him semi cheap jump on it he will be a top 15 pitcher the rest of the way with a chance to be top 10.

2.  George Springer  OF

I know, I know, you probably can't get him but I'm adding him here just in case you can, but mostly to let you know he's the real deal. Don't sell unless you get an unbelievable offer. Everything the kid's doing is legit.

3.  Alex Rios  OF

I don't get it nobody ever trusts old Alex but he produces every year. If you have a manager who doesn't love him steal him. He's a top 30 player believe it if you want but watch at the end of the year when he's in the top 30 on all player raters.

4.  Ian Desmond  SS

Guarantee this is your last chance to buy low, it may have already passed. Ian started off the season really bad, but last 2 weeks he has 4 home runs 2 steals and an OBP of .370 go get him now. Well finish reading the article then go get him.

5.  Adrian Beltre  3B

This might be a long shot but see if you could snag him. His owners might be worried about injuries but I'm not he always has legs problems and always plays through them and produces year in and year out.

 Sell High

1. Justin Verlander  SP

I know it's not really selling high cause he's struggling but I would try to dump him immediately. His velocity is down and he hasn't been an ace for a year and a half. The name Justin Verlander might still hold a lot of value in your league. Give it a try.

2. Charlie Blackmon  OF

This might be tough, not sure many people believe in him but try to get something before it's too late. He jumped out to a tremendous start, but over the last month he has 4 home runs and a .276 OBP sell sell sell!!! Before you end up dropping him in a month.

3.  Alexei Ramirez  SS

I don't think you have to sell like I do about Verlander and Blackmon but there's no way he keeps up this pace. Alexei has been around a long time, right now he is the number 2 SS that can't continue if someone gives you a great offer take it.

4.  Matt Kemp  OF

Again it wouldn't technically be selling high, but with Crawford going down Kemp now has regular playing time. Wait until his next big game hopefully he has a multi homer game coming then sell immediately.

5.  Mark Buehrle  Sp

If I thought you could actually sell high he would be number 1. I doubt you could but I have to put him here cause there's no chance he leads the MLB in wins like he is now try to sell eventhough it probably won't happen.

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