NBA Free Agents: Who’s Next

Updated: July 11, 2014

By BSPT NBA Top Expert & Writer Anthony Michael

NBA Free Agents: Who's Next James Signs with Cavs, you won't believe who is next to leave their former team!!! Melo has a shoe in with the Knicks until James shocked everyone except me and went to Cleveland. James is tired of being the Villain and the only way out of this was to go back home! He knew his Heat team had no chance at anymore titles with the West getting better and better every year. It's Melo's turn now and New York has no guarantee now. Lakers are getting Lin so they are out of the Melo scenario, so it's New York vs Chicago! The only possible way that the Bulls get Melo is with a sign and trade that can very well happen. Does this guy want to continue losing for the few years or win now while he is still young? If he stays with New York the 30 year old will be around 34 when they start getting really good. I just don't see it. Chicago is the fit now to beat the Cavs and will do it! They're built to win now and they will do whatever it takes to land him in Chicago. If they don't get him expect Deng to comeback to Chicago!

Kevin Love would like to go to Cleveland now and they're the front runners of getting him. Cleveland will have a big puzzle to figure out but if they want any chance of winning a title soon this is the move they have to make. Pau Gasol is the final player I will be talking about on this Free Agent Day. Chicago and Oklahoma City are the front runners and could the Bulls land Melo and Gasol? Going to be tough but you never know. I think if New York gets Melo then Chicago gets Gasol and if Chicago gets Melo then Oklahoma City gets Gasol. Once these deals go through then you will see guys like Mike Miller, Ramon Sessions, Lance Stephenson, Trevor Ariza, and maybe even Ray Allen start unloading to the Top Teams. Guys like this are the most important for Championship teams. Just ask coach Pop and the Spurs. I am sure we will see him in the Finals one more time!

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