NFL Power Rankings

Updated: September 10, 2014

It’s that time of year again! Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL team rating and write up’s for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it after Week 1.

NFC Conference


1. Seattle Seahawks - I am sure this is no surprise. Dominated the so called Great Packers open the season. What more can I say?

2. San Francisco 49ers – Hope people didn’t actually think that preseason was for real? This team will be right there again and very well can win it all!

3. Carolina Panthers – After watching these guys Sunday I have to put them right into the class with the two above. Knocking off a talented Bucs team at home without Cam is pretty impressive. They could have the Best D this season!

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Got off to a slow start Sunday but this offense will be fine and should very easily win this division.

5. Arizona Cardinals – This defense is the real deal even with a few losses from last year. Being part of the toughest division doesn’t help. Carson will have them playoff bound!

6. Atlanta Falcons – A healthy Falcons team could knock off any of the teams listed above. Home Field will be key in playoffs.

7. New Orleans Saints – Brees and the boys should be above the Falcons but a tough loss puts them right underneath them at this tie but this can change very soon!

8. Detroit Lions – Still can’t believe these guys and I really want to! Just when you think they will have a great year the wheels fall off. Tough division to win but it's theirs if they really want it.

9. Green Bay Packers – It is unfortunate they had to play in Seattle but I do believe these guys are on a slight downfall. Doesn’t mean Rodgers can’t turn it around with a snap of the fingers but needs help doing it!

10. Chicago Bears – Have the talent but don’t know how to use it. Most peoples pick to win this division. Like the Lions they find ways to lose like Sunday vs the Bills. Cutler will continue to take one step forward but has to avoid two steps back!

11. Minnesota Vikings – Surprised people with a rout against the Rams. Didn’t surprise me but still does not deserve the top spot in the division just yet. New England the Big test for them this upcoming Sunday!

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Didn’t expect to put them at 12 but these guys do have talent. Poor coaching cost them a win Sunday. Lovie Smith not a big help here. They could be the team of the future though without him.

13. Dallas Cowboys – Not sure why Romo is still here? He is an average QB with a good offense but a very poor defense. They will continue to struggle in the worst division in the NFL.

14. Washington Redskins – If RG3 could get back to form this team has an outside chance. They looked terrible in week 1 so that’s why they are ranked so low.

15. New York Giants – These guys looked so unorganized they are lucky if they win 5 games. They need a huge turn around but can’t see that happening.

16. St. Louis Rams - Have no answer with Bradford going down. They were not ready for that and will be in trouble unless this defense can put up 0’s and they just might win a few games!




1. Denver Broncos – They look strong again but the defense needs to improve a bit to contend for another title. Manning not slowing down anytime soon.

2. Cincinnati Bengals – People are saying WOW about this pick. These guys are getting better and better each year. They almost blew Sunday’s game vs the Ravens but didn’t and beat a tough rival at home! Critics will shut up once Dalton proves himself.

3. Indianapolis Colts – On the rise but just got caught up in Denver this weekend! Luck is the real deal and Indy has the easiest schedule this season. Luck with big numbers should win the division.

4. Tennessee Titans – These guys are a lot better than people think. Well balanced team will be there every step of the way!

5. Houston Texans – If this offense can figure themselves out they will be in very good shape. This defense is the real deal and will keep them in most games.

6. Miami Dolphins – Have to give them the nod for now. They took down the Pats pretty easy and impressively. I figured it would be a close game but it wasn’t at the end. The only team to challenge the Pats for the division I believe and could win it if they are less conservative in future years.

7. New England Patriots – All the big name experts are picking Brady to have a breakout year. I just don’t see it but it helps when they play their division. If healthy they will be right there till the end.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers – Big Ben should be the mascot! This guy continues to play even when hurt! He keeps them in the game all the time. Always seem to be in a close game. Have to give him credit where credit is do. He could very easily sneak them into the playoffs again.

9. Baltimore Ravens – I will not even talk about him! If the Ravens can put the drama past them they will be in this fight until the end. Enough said!

10. San Diego Chargers – Comeback player of the year Rivers has the troops looking good. He almost pulled off a big upset in Arizona Monday night. Never count these guys out either, ask the Bengals!

11. New York Jets – I am not buying into the Jets just yet. They beat the Raiders by 5 is not impressive enough. Let’s see how they do against the NFC North the next couple of weeks.

12. Kansas City Chiefs – These guys are going in the wrong direction fast. I know its only week 1 but getting blown out in the home opener is not good for the moral.

13. Buffalo Bills – They beat a struggling bears team in Chicago doesn’t prove much. They nearly lost this game but a wins a win. Let’s see what they do with it as they play the division rival Dolphins at home.

14. Cleveland Browns – They are in trouble if Gordon is gone. I see Johnny starting week 4 or 5. Great defense didn’t look good Sunday so I will pass on them for now. Saints coming to town can be a disaster!

15. Oakland Raiders – My Oakland Raiders are in trouble again this year. Losing to the Jets shows they are weak right now but I do believe in rookie QB’s and should be okay in the future!

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Might not be at the bottom at the end of this season but will be pretty close to it. Looking like they were going to shock the world and beat Philly and all the survivor pool players, lol! Eagles put up 34 straight points not only to win but cover! I expect a lot of that this season.


That’s the breakdown so far, stay tuned for future updates! Good Luck with your team,

Anthony “Ace” Michael

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