NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Updated: September 24, 2014

Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL team rating and write up’s for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it after Week 3.

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NFC Conference


1. Seattle Seahawks (last week #2) – Big effort at home to beat the AFC Best Denver Broncos. They got a little bit lazy and almost blew the game but they didn’t and had the drive of this season to cap off a victory! Early bye will only help these guys.

2. Arizona Cardinals (last week #4) - Only reason they are not #1 is because Seattle was impressive by beating Denver. This was my pick to click before the season. They missed the playoffs last season at 10-6 while beating Seattle last season. Even without their Star QB these guys are all fight. Watch out Seattle their might be a new sheriff in town!

3. Philadelphia Eagles (last week #3) – A tough division game vs the Redskins and pulled off a nice win. Foles seems to be back in the groove and this team can score with the best of them. The defense is a little shaky but that is not a worry right now as long as they keep winning!

4. Carolina Panthers (last week #1) – Big disappointment getting blown out by an okay Steelers team at home on National TV. Everyone gets once chance to bounce back. Let wait and see if these guys are real on Sunday in Baltimore.

5. Chicago Bears (last week #6) – Winning two big road games in a row to save their season is a BIG deal. With all their injuries and they keep fighting it's very impressive. Culter had two good games in a row which is rare. If they can somehow get past Green Bay this week and get healthy along the way this team will be there until the end. The Sleeper!

6. Detroit Lions (last week #9) – Huge week for these guys beating up the Packers. Holding this great offense to only 7 points is pretty impressive. Their defense is stacked and offense needs to stay consistent and they can win this division. I think less targets to the triple covered Megatron will help their chances.

7. New Orleans Saints (last week #8) – In a must win game didn’t look very impressive but played conservative. I still thing they are a playoff team. If you don’t have anything to do this Sunday night make sure to tune in to the Saints at the Cowboys. Should be something to watch!

8. Green Bay Packers (last week #5) – They should be 0-3 but did get that much needed win vs the Jets but anyone can do that! This is another disappointing team for most but not me. I liked the Bears for this division. There were two division rivals that past them in the rankings in a single week. Don’t count Rodgers out yet. This team has not got it into gear just yet. If they lose in Soldiers Fields this weekend they are doomed!

9. San Francisco 49ers (last week #7) – They're dropping each and every week. Kapernick needs to get it together soon. Like I said from the beginning, they shouldn’t have gotten rid of Alex Smith. I didn’t expect them to go into Arizona and pull off a victory but they need to figure out a way to beat the red hot Eagles. If not they might have to kiss their season good bye. Especially in the best division in football!

10. Atlanta Falcons – (last week #10) – Many are going to boo me for this ranking. I understand they destroyed the Bucs but who can’t. I will say if they can stay healthy they can make the playoffs. It will be tough with a stacked NFC this year! Julio and Roddy need to be on the field in order to have any chance at this.

11. Dallas Cowboys (last week #11) – I know I know, no love for the Boys but how can you? Yes they did comeback from the dead last week and I give them credit. They shouldn’t of been down to begin with! Until Romo can be more consistent and rely less on Murray these guys don’t have a chance.

12. Washington Redskins (last week #12) – This is another team that will improve with Cousins. He looked sharped Sunday but fell short. If he can be consistent they will have a chance every week. I can’t see that this year but they have a great future!

13. New York Giants (last week #16) – Just when you think these guys might be the worst in the league they do the unthinkable. They score 30 on the best defense in the league! They always seem to start slow but this year a bit slower. Never doubt Eli and this defense but one thing guys, 8-8 won’t win this division this year! Huge game Thursday in Washington will show you where they are. I can easily see an upset here.

14. St. Louis Rams (last week #14) – They blew a 21-0 lead at home but did give up a fight. This time it wasn’t their defense. Not as bad as people think and will upset a few along the way this season!

15. Minnesota Vikings (last week #15) – They have no answer for Peterson. They need to give Teddy a chance at QB and get him some experience for the future at this point!

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week #13) – Coach Lovie Smith wasn’t the answer guys. A conservative coach never does good in the NFL. One of the reasons the Bears never did anything. My only suggestion is try to avoid the 0-16 mark. They better be able to win a few at home like they been doing for years!


AFC Conference


1. Cincinnati Bengals (last week #2) – I ranked them #2 last week and people were shocked but as you can see these guys are for real. There was another dominating performance Sunday beating an improved Titans team. There were so many people bashing Dalton at the beginning of the season but not me. A guy like that needs a few years to gel and he has did just that. Plus a dominating defense I say is the best I've seen all year. If healthy they could be your Super Bowl favorites come February!

2. Denver Broncos (last week #1) – They didn’t drop from #1 because of the loss in Seattle it is because the Bengals are that good right now. Nothing against Manning and company and I do expect these two to meet in the AFC Conference Championship. That would be something to see! Can’t wait until week 16 when they meet.

3. San Diego Chargers (last week #5) – These guys are moving up the ladder quick. With all the struggles of the AFC right now the Chargers are benefitting from it. Their only loss is to the Cardinals in Arizona by a few points is impressive enough for me. Rivers continuing to throw touchdown after touchdown without hesitation puts these guys right up there with Denver!

4. New England Patriots (last week #4) – Yes they did get a sloppy win but a win is a win. I really had no other team I could put at #4 right now. Brady and Company need to pick it up if they want to stay in the top 5. Running Back woes will be their downfall if they start losing! They need to open up the passing game more.

5. Indianapolis Colts (last week #6) – The 1-2 Colts made the top 5! Not as bad as the record looks. Big win to break the ice and will keep rolling. From here on out they have the easiest schedule of anyone and that will help. Tough game Sunday vs Tennessee but they can win it at home. Luck never looked better last week!

6. Houston Texans (last week #3) – This was a shocker to everybody even me. With a struggling Giants team that looked terrible so far the Texans allowed 30 points to Eli and Company. I understand they were in New York but if you are going to lose that game I thought maybe 17-14 or something like that. I give them one bounce back game to prove themselves this week at home vs the Bills.

7. Baltimore Ravens (last week #9) – These guys shocked me the most out of any team. I thought for sure after the whole Rice incident this team would be finished. A great coach always helps and he did just that. Big wins against division rivals back to back. Coach Harbaugh has these guys out of the gate nicely and focus on playing the game!

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week #12) – Another team moving up the ranking nicely are these guys. Like I said a long time ago, as long as Big Ben is on the field anything can happen. I can never doubt him. A huge win in Carolina boosts the confidence nicely but key injuries to that defense could keep them out of the post season if they don’t get it fixed fast.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (last week #14) – Very impressive win in Miami saving their season. If they can get Charles back to normal they might find themselves in a nice wild card race at the end.

10. Tennessee Titans (last week #8) – Disappointing! Only scoring 7 last week really hurts. I know its Cincy but come on. Two losses and now in Indy is a tough task. If they can get to .500 or better before week 11 they have a chance.

11. Buffalo Bills (last week#7) – They are who we thought they were! I never ranked them above #7 for this reason. Fast starting team usually dies. If they can win in Houston this weekend I might change my mind but I cannot see it happening! Hopefully I am wrong.

12. Cleveland Browns (last week #11) – Another close loss last week, kills this team every year. Has had the most 3 point losses and wins of any team the past few years (more losses of course). Maybe they need to change their luck and insert John Football soon! Not a bad team at all!

13. Miami Dolphins (last week #10) – They didn’t control the game from start to finish vs the Chiefs like I said they must. Fins fans need to start worrying now. They are in Oakland this weekend and all the pressure on Miami. Oakland at home with nothing to lose and a Rookie QB could be interesting. If Miami loses here their season is over.

14. New York Jets (last week #13) – They looked terrible against 3rd string defensive players of the Bears! Can’t see these guys winning with a very inconsistent Geno at QB unless he turns it around NOW! If they lose to a 3rd straight NFC North team in a row at home this weekend they are finished!

15. Oakland Raiders (last week #15) – Played tough and a few mistakes might of cost them a win in New England. That was a confidence builder and the defense coming together. I can say only one thing they are not the worst team right now and a upset vs Miami won’t shock me.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week #16) – It is hard to even write about these guys. Offense and Defense clearly looking the worst in the NFL with no signs of life. WR Shorts is back which might be the only bright spot if that offensive line gives rookie Bortles any time to throw the ball to him. Jacksonville should be worried as they might not have a Football team in the near future if they keep this up.


Thats the way I see it shaping up after 3 weeks of Football, See you next week!

Anthony “Ace” Michael

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