Updated: September 30, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.52.50 PMBy Anthony “Ace” Michael

The 2014 Baseball Playoffs are upon us, wow how time files! I will breakdown the Wild Card and Divisional match ups.


2014 MLB Divisional Playoff Series


American League

Series: Detroit Tigers -140 vs Baltimore Orioles +125

This should be a pretty good series pitching wise. The Tigers are the better hitting team but not by that far! Scherzer has been in beast mode again and I expect the same in this series. Believe it or not Matt has not been dominant in his career vs the Orioles. They have a .278 batting average vs him. I expect better come playoff time of course. Verlander and Price have not been impressive at all lately. Plus the bullpen is the worst in baseball. One the other side the Orioles do not have that so called “Ace” of the staff but they do get the job done. Their hitters are better then last season but their bullpen is outstanding! They are one of the Best in the league. I think in this series the bullpen will play a big part and Detroit’s lack of success there will cost Scherzer and company this series!

Orioles win series 3-1



Series: Kansas City Royals +160 vs Los Angeles Angels -190

This series will not be a sweep! A ton of experts are already counting out the Royals here. Did they watch Tuesday night’s game? These guys do not give up. The Angels pitching worries me a bit. Not as dominant as in recent years. Their offense is as good as advertised though. Weaver has struggled a bit but as of late he is looking pretty good. He has not seen KC this year so he should be fine. The 2 youngsters Ventura and Shoemaker going head to head in game 2 will be an interesting one to watch. I believe the Royals can pull off one of these first two games but they will have to win both in Kansas City which will be a tough task. Shields will be fine and will win one of them at home. I truly would not be shocked if the Royals pull of this Big series upset. Make it to the bullpen and it should be lights out! I hope the best for them but I have the Angels with all their fire power winning this series.

Angels win series 3-2



National League

Series: San Francisco Giants +145 vs Washington Nationals -175

Good matchup here as the Nationals try to get past their playoff woes. Looks like Peavy and Strasburg on the mound in Game 1. The odds are not out yet but I am sure Strasburg will be a huge favorite at home here. Stephen did look good the last 2 months but I cannot see him going more then 7 innings here. The rest of the staff is solid but Zimmerman coming of a no hitter will be a tough game to win. Pitchers next game after something like that is usually not to good but will see. After looking just horrible Jake Peavy has found himself and is hitting every corner of the plate. This guy’s team has won 8 of their last 9 and is the reason the Giants made the post season. With Bumgarner looking strong all season and pitching at home in the series the Nationals better win both of these first 2 home games. I think the Giants steal one of them and win this series! Experience over youth once again!

Giants win series 3-2



Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers

There is some bad blood here. The #1 vs #2 starters in the league going head to head here twice in the series I believe. I have to say if that happens they will each win 1 game. So this becomes a 3 game serie, Lynn, Miller, and Lackey vs Grienke, Ryu, and Haren. All these guys will probably pitch in this series. I realize these Dodgers are favorite once again to win the World Series. They look better on paper but just can’t win the big series. I give the Big Upset edge to the Cardinals again! The best pitcher usually don’t win a World Series but the best overall team does and that is the Cardinals in this series. They have proved themselves time in and time out.

Cardinals win series 3-2



That’s how the BSPT Expert Anthony “Ace” Michael sees it happening, see you next round!







Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals

It is funny how so many experts a month ago said this team will be so hard to beat and called them the World Series Favorites! Don’t get me wrong they are a great team but really struggled and looked flat in September. Could Lester on the mound be the answer? He is good against the Royals but not great! He is just 3-4 in his last 8 starts but is 2-0 vs Kansas City this season. On the other side of the ball the Royals first playoff appearance in 29 years and looking good. Solid all the way around and didn’t flatten out like in past years. Shields is dominate with a perfect mix of pitches that is very effective. His team is also 2-0 vs Oakland this season. He is 4-1 in September and pitched well enough to win in that loss. He is getting back to early season form when his team was 11-1 in 12 straight games he pitched. Yes Oakland will be favorites here and I would not be surprised if they won but I can’t see it happening!

Pick: Kansas City Royals +100

San Francisco Giants at the Pittsburgh Pirates

Here is another good play in match up. The Pirates decisions the last week are questionable. Try to win the division I guess but I would have focused on game 1 starter Liriano. They didn’t but they do have a good pitcher in Volquez going. A strong righty but has struggles as of late. Plus the Giants are batting .285 vs him this season as a team. Could be tough but the Pirates do have that 51-30 home record in their favor and their players know it! On the other side we have Bumgarner the Ace of the staff going. Has been dominate all year especially as of late going 6-1 in last 7 with 4 of the road wins. The Giants know how to win on the road and are over .500 this year. They also know how to win championships. It will be another great match up. I just think the Pirates have too many obstacles to climb here!

Pick: San Francisco Giants -115




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