Updated: October 4, 2014

Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL team rating and write up’s for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it after Week 4.

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NFC Conference


1. Seattle Seahawks (last week #1) – Coming off a bye they still stick to the top spot. This early bye will help they get back on a championship track. In Washington might be a little harder then it seems but if this defense on top of their game like I expect then they should get the win here on the road.

2. Arizona Cardinals (last week #2) – Another off the bye has a tough task ahead in Denver. This 5th ranked defense is excellent against the run. Denver will throw a lot more here but might not be able to establish a much needed running game. Expect a close one here!

3. Philadelphia Eagles (last week #3) – I am keeping them at the 3 spot for now. A super tough task in San Fran and nearly pulled off the win. Like I said before, I expect these guys to be there every step of the way. Explosive offense will get even better if they can work McCoy in somehow.

4. Detroit Lions (last week #6) – A nice road win in New York last week. I thought we would be talking about this offense like usual but this defense is insane right now. Ranked #1 in the NFL in defense these guys will be pretty scary if they can stay healthy and make the playoffs!

5. San Francisco 49ers (last week #9) – A much need win puts these guys back up to the top 5. Their defense stepped up big against this high powered offense and without any turnovers and they would of cruised to a win. Let’s see where they take this vs KC this weekend. Might be back on track!

6. Green Bay Packers (last week #8) – Never count these guys out like I said last week. They dismantled Da Bears in Chicago. This is a very impressive win here and might be back on track. Another divisional game vs the Vikings on Thursday Night a must win!

7. Dallas Cowboys (last week #11) – I am giving love to the boys finally! They are doing everything right especially with Romo. Murray has been a beast and will see a lighter load I have a feeling. It will be up to the passing game in the end to get them to the promise land!

8. Chicago Bears (last week #5) – They did exactly what I said not to do and lose last weekend in Soldiers Field. We know Cutler cannot beat the Packers but come on. Find a way to win that game. In Carolina this weekend with both teams a must win is going to be interesting.

9. Carolina Panthers (last week #4) – Two BIG disappointments in a row not good! Gave them a bounce back game where they got blown out. This defense looks bad and without that they have not chance at a playoff berth because their offense is not what it used to be. Will Cam’s injuries continue?

10. New York Giants – (last week #13) – Eli has turned their season around in two weeks! They have went from the worst to near mid pack in just two weeks is very impressive. This week vs Atlanta should be a shootout they can win.

11. New Orleans Saints (last week #7) – Wow! They have the talent to win but their defense has issues. Brees don’t look like the Brees we know. Their receivers look out of sync. Could they possibly have too much talent at the receiver position?

12. Atlanta Falcons (last week #10) – Lost to a Vikings team that had all the answers. Like I said last week they need to be healthy to have a chance. There was a reason why I ranked them 10th last week and I received many complaints. Probably won’t hear any now!

13. Minnesota Vikings (last week #15) – Not as bad as people think. Teddy is the man when he is in. Teams won’t have an answer just yet. An upset to the Packers is not a longshot Thursday but Teddy needs to be on the field. Might surprise you come January.

14. St. Louis Rams (last week #14) – A much needed bye here. Good offense and decent defense but the ball just not going their way right now. Tough division and will finish last but definitely not the worst team in this conference by far!

15. Washington Redskins (last week #12) – Looked terrible last Thursday. Cousins had one bad game so this next one vs Seattle at home is very important. If he can bounce back and throw 300+ yards against these guys he will build his and his teams confidence back.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week #16) – I know they upset the Steelers but these guys are still bad. The Steelers found a way to lose that game. Their real test is in New Orleans this weekend. Pull off a win here and they might change their season around. Tough but not impossible vs a bad Saints team.


AFC Conference


1. Cincinnati Bengals (last week #1) – I am high on this team and I think they deserve to stay on top the AFC for now. Yet another coming off a bye in New England should be interesting. Las Vegas has them even and I don’t know how? Everyone thinks New England will snap out of this funk. They have showed no signs of it yet. Cincy has played perfectly and has the edge this Sunday in my eyes.

2. Denver Broncos (last week #2) – The Broncos off the bye after a Big overtime loss in Seattle are looking to bound back. Manning and company should keep them rolling to another division title but might be a little closer than people might think. Let’s see how they do against another tough defense in Arizona.

3. San Diego Chargers (last week #3) – They basically had a bye also last week vs Jacksonville. Took it easy the first half and stepped on the gas the second. They are already 2-0 at home this season with another Sunday vs New York Jets should get the job done. Expect them to stick around all season.

4. Indianapolis Colts (last week #5) – These guys are climbing the ladders fast! Another impressive performance makes up for the bad start. Luck has been simply amazing! Should be a great game vs the up and coming Baltimore this Sunday.

5. Houston Texans  (last week #6) – Not very impressive but got the job done vs a bad Bills team. Their defense still looking like it can get a little better. Their offense needs to improve a bit. As long as Foster stays healthy they have a shot to beat anyone.

6. Baltimore Ravens (last week #7) – Where was this team at the beginning of the season? Amzing turn around and nobody wants to play them right now. Cincy better keep a few game cushion or they might be in trouble. Flacco simply amazing himself!

7. Kansas City Chiefs (last week #9) – A healthy Charles proves the difference vs many teams. Their defense looked solid also. Well balanced throughout could be another great team in a stacked division! Look out!

8. New England Patriots (last week #4) – Bad, Bad, Bad! I really didn’t want to put them at the 4 spot last week but the AFC was looking week. Now there are many teams better than the struggling Pats right now. If Brady don’t  get it together in the next few weeks he might be watching from the sidelines sooner than later!

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week #8) – Huge loss to Tampa Bay. Bad coaching and poor execution down the stretch cost them a must needed win. They won’t do that this week vs Jacksonville but they need to focus more on scoring rather than milking the clock in the future and they will be just fine.

10. Miami Dolphins (last week #13) – Big win against a poor defense but a win is a win! Gets a bye and must improve this very disappoint team fast!

11. Cleveland Browns (last week#12) – I expect these guys to come out firing Sunday! A few tough losses for them and coming of the bye should be fresh and ready for Tennessee!

12. Tennessee Titans (last week #10) – Bad loss after loss! Another disappointment here and if they lose to Cleveland at home kiss their season good bye!

13. Buffalo Bills (last week #11) – Orton is not the answer guys. You need to watch more tape from week 1 and 2! This is a below average team that got a few early wins and could not cash in on that fast start like always! In trouble this season!

14. New York Jets (last week #14) – They cannot beat the NFC North period! Good thing they have an AFC team now! Do they really want to play the red hot Chargers right now? Don’t expect to many more wins from these guys this season.

15. Oakland Raiders (last week #15) – Lost to a not so good Miami team in a blowout. In trouble and firing coaches won’t help! Going to be a long time before these guys get out of the gutter! Sorry to say that Oakland but you know it’s true.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week #16) – I would love to see these guys vs Oakland! Might be the only way the Jaguars get a win. Anyways we know they will win that one or two games they knocks you out of your survivor pool! Maybe they need a new location?


That’s the way I see it shaping up after 4 weeks of Football, See you next week!

Anthony “Ace” Michael

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