Updated: October 8, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.52.50 PMBy Anthony “Ace” Michael

The 2014 Baseball Championship Series Playoffs are upon us,  I will breakdown the Championship Series match ups. First let's look back and see how I did in the Divisional Series here: http://bestsportspickstoday.com/3416/2014-mlb-playoffs

Hey 3 out of 4 upsets not too bad!!!!



2014 MLB ALCS & NLCS Playoff Series  


American League Series: Kansas City Royals vs Baltimore Orioles

Yes the team that I pick it to win it all is still in here. The Orioles had an easy time disposing the Tigers like I thought. This match up will be a little harder though. I expected them to play the Angels but was not shocked if they played the Royals. Had Royals losing in 5. They almost seem equal and both sweeping as the underdogs! The Orioles, like I said before will be tough to beat with their great bullpen. Starters are evenly matched but I am not taking anything away from the Royals bullpen. I have the the 2nd best in all of baseball. Most of these games will be pitching duels but the Orioles have a little more pop with their hitters and the Royals are a lot faster! I have to go with the Orioles here. Should be a great series but the home field advantage is the team I stick with here!

Orioles win series 4-2


National League Series: San Francisco Giants vs St. Louis Cardinals

Many people said I was crazy having these two advance. I go with experience first and these two teams know exactly how to win against the power houses of the league in October plain and simple. If you have watched baseball the past 4 years you would of known that. I will continue to pick these guys in the playoffs! This match up is epic! Top to bottom they are very similar. Late Cardinals hitting has been masterful the last 10+ years in the post season. The Giants grind it out and find ways to win is awesome! Many might be surprised by the selection here. I like the Giants for the simple fact I picked them and the Orioles on April 4th. Not only that Wainwright looks hurt and that can very easily be 2 wins for the Cardinals if he is not the same. He will get more rest then normal but this is the difference in the series. Both bullpens struggled so anything can happen but I just don't see then beating the scrappy Giants without a 100% Adam Wainwright!

Giants win series 4-2



That’s how the BSPT Expert Anthony “Ace” Michael sees it happening, see you next round!

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