Updated: October 14, 2014

I’m Back! Not 100% but ready to write this article for you guys! Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL team rating and write up’s for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it after Week 6.

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NFC Conference


1. Philadelphia Eagles (last week #2) – Very impressive again with a rare shutout to a tough division rival. They are simply the class of this conference with their high powered offense and now their dominate defense! Foles looking like the Foles from last year and that is very dangerous!

2. Arizona Cardinals (last week #4) – Another easy win for these guys last week. With division games vs the 49ers and Seahawks coming soon we will see if they are for real. I think they are and deserve a top 5 every week! Palmer back will only help the situation!

3. Dallas Cowboys (last week #6) –I cannot believe I am saying this but they have proved themselves! Their offense has been incredible and their defense needs a little work but not as bad as expected. Their running game has developed nicely and that opens up Romo’s passing game. As long as they keep it up they will be another top 5 all year.

4. San Francisco 49ers (last week #3) – Best Sports Picks Today Experts had them at #3 last week and I thought that was a little high. They are definitely improving each week. With a head coach like this one I knew they would turn it around but not this fast!

5. Seattle Seahawks (last week #1) – Can’t believe I dropped them to the 5 spot. They is really nowhere else for them to go. I could a dropped them one more. There is no excuse for giving up 30 at home to anyone! Not the same defense as last season and it is really showing.  Their real test won’t be until later in the season when they play the Cardinals and the 49ers. Hopefully they have it figured out by then or they might not even be in the playoffs!

6. Green Bay Packers (last week #5) – Another team that won but drops slightly in the rankings. That’s what happens when a #1 loses! I think Seattle is slightly above these guys right now but not by much. Rodgers and company seem to have figured it out with 3 nice wins in a row. Need to win a tough one in Lambo vs the Panther this weekend to break the top 5!

7. Detroit Lions (last week #8) – Nice road win in Minnesota that moves them up the ladder. Let’s wait and see how they do vs a well rested Saints team. If the Lions can pull this off and Megatron stays healthy they could very well win this division!

8. Carolina Panthers (last week #9) –I understand they did not win but scoring 37 points in Cincy is impressive! They seem like they have their fire power back. Cam looking better and better each week. It would not shock me if they went into Green Bay and got a win. Will be tough but if they can do it watchout! This is a turn around game for them!

9. Chicago Bears (last week #11) – Looks like we had good Cutler last week. You can never tell what you are going to get. Against a struggling Falcons team the Bears defense looked okay. Getting healthy is one of the keys to victory for the Bears. Culter stringing together 3 or 4 wins in a row seems impossible but if it would happen, these guys would be division winners!

10. New Orleans Saints (last week #10) – With a 2-3 record the Saints find themselves in a slight hole. Could be a lot worse but this division have not been good. They are coming off a bye and with a Big win in Detroit could turn their season around. A Must Win!

11. New York Giants (last week #7) – A loss is a loss I understand but getting shutout vs a division rival is simply unacceptable! Looked like the turned their season around but they looked terrible. If they want any part in this division they need to upset the red hot Cowboys in Dallas! Don’t think it can’t happen.

12. Atlanta Falcons (last week #12) – What happened to this offense the past 2 seasons. I understand injuries play a big roll but they are just dropping balls! Ryan’s throws are off and their defense stinks! Need a total make over fast!

13. Minnesota Vikings (last week #13) – They were not that good to begin with and losing an MVP didn’t help. Defense not that bad but they won’t win very many games with no offense. These guys are in Big Trouble!

14. St. Louis Rams (last week #14) – Came out to a great start and was looking like an upset Monday Night. They just stopped scoring and their defense faded away. The rams always seem to get off to a great start but never finish a game!

15. Washington Redskins (last week #15) – God do they need a healthy RG3 back! Cousin’s is getting throw happy and has to realize this is not the slow college players he is used to playing against!

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week #16) – Lovie has no answers and by far are the worst in the conference. They were picked by many to win this division but not me as soon as I heard this guy was the coach!




AFC Conference


1. Denver Broncos (last week #1) – There is no other team to put #1 in this conference! Manning makes receivers better period! The Denver defense is better than last season plus their running game has improved. I know its early but its looking like another Super Bowl run to me if they avoid key injuries!

2. San Diego Chargers (last week #2) – They found a way to win in Oakland. That’s what great teams do and this is one of a few to keep your eyes on. Rivers seems to have been reborn or just better with age. I would love to see them playing Denver in a playoff matchup this time around.

3. Indianapolis Colts (last week #3) – Andrew Luck has been the best QB of all as of right now. He would get my vote for MVP if we could vote now. Going into Houston and getting that win was greatness. These guys have come a long way and are getting better each and every time.

4. Baltimore Ravens (last week #5) – WOW! Not a good start but that does not matter in the NFL. Flacco has been on fire and on a mission it looks like. He had 5 touchdowns in the first half in unreal. These guys are clicking right now and I feel sorry for the Falcons Sunday!

5. New England Patriots (last week #6) – Another impressive win in Buffalo from these guys. Brady seems like his old self. Playing the struggling Jets Thursday night at home should be a game they can take lightly but coach Belichick has something to prove. New England going to run up the score when they can!

6. Cincinnati Bengals  (last week #4) – Getting a tie is better than a loss but not for these guys. They needed a Big win here coming off a bad loss to New England. They are usually terrible off a bye and take a few weeks to turn it around. Play the Colts in Indy is a huge task! Need a win here!

7. Houston Texans (last week #7) –Tough loss to the Colts at home. Got off to a bad start and could never recover. Impressive 2nd half but where would these guys be without J.J. Watt!

8. Cleveland Browns (last week #10) – Told everyone this defense could be the best in the division and finally showing signs of it. This is their biggest win in a few years. They are over .500 and looking solid. Brian Hoyer should keep his job if he can find a way to make the playoffs!

9. Kansas City Chiefs (last week #8) – Coming off a bye this is a game the Chiefs have to find a way to win. They are in San Diego and match up good against them. Here is another team where one game can change a season around!

10. Miami Dolphins (last week #12) – Tough loss to the Packers. They had this game in the bag too. This was terrible coaching not going for the first down. Never punt to Rodgers with a few minutes left only up 4! A must win in Chicago and it’s not looking to good!

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week#9) – I expected a game vs the Browns not a blowout! They are 3-3 but can very easily be 5-1. This will doom them come January. Giving games away in a 16 game season you might never recover from. Tough match up against the Texans coming up too!

12. Buffalo Bills (last week #11) – Who remembers when I told everyone when the Bills were 2-0 don’t worry they will fade fast? Well here they go! Playing the Vikings might help but if they lose this one their season is over! Their QB change was not the answer!

13. Tennessee Titans (last week #13) – Another team that was suppose to do something this year according to experts but never played out right. Barely getting past the Jaguars won’t cut it. They cannot lose in Washington this weekend or this is another team that won’t make the playoffs!

14. New York Jets (last week #14) – The Jets have no luck with this schedule. After losing to the Broncos they are playing the Patriots in New England this Thursday. See you next year guys!

15. Oakland Raiders (last week #15) – Should have had their first win but bad teams find ways to lose. Another long year for Raiders fans!

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week #16) – Just need that one win to get out of the bottom spot! Might not happen they looked awful against an awful team!




That’s the way I see it shaping up after 6 weeks of Football, See you next week!

Anthony “Ace” Michael


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