Updated: October 21, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.52.50 PMBy Anthony “Ace” Michael


I did have the Giants making the Big Dance but I had the Royals losing to the Angels 3-2. I will breakdown the World Series for you now. If you missed my last article predictions here are the last few: http://bestsportspickstoday.com/3416/2014-mlb-playoffs & http://bestsportspickstoday.com/3445/2014-mlb-championship-series




San Francisco Giants vs Kansas City Royals

All I can say is WOW! I would of never thought the Royals would be here. I expected the Giants to be playing the Orioles or Angels. These Royals have not lost a game yet and set a record doing so. I can talk about advantages but it don't matter because the Royals will find a way to win or will they? Starting pitching is close but I have to give it to the Giants here. Bumgarner and Peavy have been lights out. Not that the Royals pitchers have not its just they have all the pressure on them for a change. Of course the Royals bullpen is better but not by much believe it or not. It won't really matter if they do not have the lead. The Giants have a slight advantage in the hitting category but both teams were clutch so far. Management will be the key to this series and the Giants have a Huge Edge knowing how to win the World Series when they are not suppose to win. They are underdogs again and it is right where they want to be. Don't get me wrong the Royals are on an amazing run and they did sweep the Giants in the regular season but many teams have done it in the regular season. This is the World Series and if there was a sweep it would come from the Giants side! If the Royals lose game 1 WATCH OUT! This game is the key for the Royals to have a chance. If the Giants lose game 1 they can still win game 2 and win the series. Royals cannot afford to lose this one and I think they do vs Bumgarner. I won't predict a sweep because the Royals will use their speed and might pull one out but don't be surprised if it happens.


Giants Win World Series 4-1


That’s how the BSPT Expert Anthony “Ace” Michael sees it happening, if you have been following him you have won a ton so far just like last year and the years before! ENJOY!

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