Updated: October 30, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.52.50 PMBY: ANTHONY "ACE" MICHAEL

Best Sports Picks Today’s NBA team rating and write up’s for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it happening this season!

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Western Conference

1. San Antonio Spurs (last season 62-20) – Going to be tough dethroning The Champs! My pick to win it all last season held up nicely. Getting 14 players from last season is a plus. Another year to gel makes them even better then last year. I don’t expect them to have the best record in the NBA this season only because coach Pop will rest his guys even more this season. Remember they do not need home court to win another title 30-11 on the road last season is very impressive. They are one of a few that can win it all this season!

2. Los Angeles Clippers (last season 57-25) – Another contender this season getting better and better each season. Another year together only helps their chances. Staying healthy is the key for this teams great success. I expect them to be fighting for that #1 spot along with a few others until the end! This is the year Griffin gets MVP consideration! He will have a HUGE year!

3. Dallas Mavericks (last season 49-33) – Dirk and company are putting out there their best team since the title run. Puttiing together the missing pieces to the puzzle nicely. Have to give it to Cuban for spending the money to get this team back on the map. Gave the Spurs a run in last years first round and with a way better team who knows what will happen. They can only get better from lat year! Sleeper!

4. Houston Rockets (last season 54-28) – Lost a little from last year but still very competitive. I don’t think they can get over the hump but anything is possible with MVP candidate James Harden looking like a true superstar! We will just have to wait and see here.

5. Portland Trailblazers (last season 54-28) – This is another one of those teams that’s getting better and better each year in a tough Conference. No real big pick up but Kaman if healthy will be a big help along with some other big sized guys they added. Bigger is better in the West and they will compete against any of the best on any given night.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder (last season 59-23) – The only reason I have them this low is because once Durant is back it will take him some time to get back in the groove. Westbrook is not a leader and will lose more game then he will win if he don’t learn how to pass. Same effect with Pippen without Jordan! I think they are on a decline and in trouble this season. Need a midseason move to have a chance.

7. Golden State Warriors (last season 51-31) – Should get right around that 50 win mark again this year. New coach Steve Kerr might not be the right fit here though. I understand he is a shooter so this high powered offense will continue to shoot and not play defense. They will not make it to the next level anytime soon this way. Fun team to watch but need a change and if they get hurt at all their playoff chances are slim to none.

8. New Orleans Pelicans (last season 34-48) – These guys have really improved since last season. With a healthy Evans, Gordon, and Anderson this team will do very well. Davis and Holiday will continue to get better and adding Asik is a big part of defense. These guys will do better then you think and will make the playoffs.

9. Memphis Grizzlies (last season 50-32) – Another year older and still not having the success people were hoping for. Yes they can make the playoffs but what will they do with it? Injuries have kept these guys from improving. Still have the talent but cannot seem to stay healthy. In trouble with key injury!

10. Phoenix Suns (last season 48-34) – Now with the Dragic boys joining the Morris twins this team is unlike any other before. Good starters but not much depth after that. They will show a bit of a decline with a lot of the West teams getting better. I say around .500 or so and no playoffs this season.

11. Sacramento Kings (last season 28-54) – Moving on up! They could be right there with this talent at the end of the season and making a run at the 8th and final playoff spot. They seem like a well balanced team that needs to get off to a fast start to have a chance.

12. Los Angeles Lakers (last season 27-55) – Kobe is not Superman and with little talent around him I expect him to get a few small injuries here and there so he does not have to play with these guys. Boozer has to step up here and give that 20/10 performance every night if they want a chance to make the playoffs.

13. Utah Jazz (last season 25-57) – They will definitely be out of the gutter this season. Another year together will help and they will get that home advantage back. No playoffs but going in the right direction.

14. Denver Nuggets (last season 28-54) – These guys just can’t stay healthy. If healthy all year they can make a run at the playoffs but I can’t see it happening. I like the young talent they have but just to much to ask for right now.

15. Minnesota Timberwolves (last season 40-42) – Without their Superstar Love they will be lost for awhile. I don’t think they will be the worst team in the league but in this Conference they just might. Wiggins is the right move for the future though!


Eastern Conference

1. Chicago Bulls (last season 48-34) – If healthy they should no doubt be the #1 seed in the East. That is a BIG if! Well balanced team with a top rated coach is the key to success. Derrick Rose don’t even have to be his old self just contribute every night would be a huge help! Gasol is a big pick up for them!

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (last season 33-49) – They are the team to beat according to the Vegas Experts! Yes they will be tough to beat but are they really the best team? It took a year to gel in Miami before James and company could win it all and I believe this team is not as good as that one. No hate here, they will be in the Eastern Conference Finals vs the Bulls if both teams stay healthy and injured prone Love better stay healthy if they want a title run. Plus have you looked at their bench? Not as deep as most teams and it will show come playoffs time.

3. Washington Wizards (last season 44-38) – This should be a team making noise come playoff time. Another year together will only improve their chances. Might get off to a slow start with Beal’s injury but when he comes back watch out! Wall will be even better this season. Not that far behind the top two!

4. Miami Heat (last season 54-28) – Only a slight decline for these guys. Just need everyone to step up a bit like they have before in the past. Wade and Bosh need to up their points from a year ago which they will. Deng if healthy should fill in nicely for James and if Granger is healthy this could be a dangerous squad in the East!

5. Indiana Pacers (last season 56-26) – No Paul George is a huge blow. So they drop a couple spots in the ranks. Hibbert needs to have an all-star year and West needs to stay healthy. If that would happen this team will be a solid 5 seed come playoff time and could give someone a tough time in the second round.

6. Charlotte Hornets (last season 43-39) – These guys have improved again this season. A few key pick ups last year and this year have this team well balanced. Guys like Jefferson, Maxiell, Neal, and Stephenson know how to win and add up and coming Kemba Walker to the mix and this team could be dangerous. I give it a year or two and they will be right near the top!

7. Brooklyn Nets (last season 44-38) – Another year older and they could not win before so what makes you think they will win now! The only reason they make the playoffs is because they are in the east. If they somehow stay healthy they can compete at a high level but this old team won’t be able to do that.

8. Atlanta Hawks (last season 38-44) – Some teams can still compete if slightly injured but not these guys! Need to be 100% healthy or they will lose their chemistry. Not a bad 3 with Horford, Millsap, and Teague with some nice piece around them but healthy is still and issue here!

9. Toronto Raptors (last season 48-34) – Last season they were the 3 seed and now I don’t have them making the playoffs. Derozan is a beast and will win games by himself but the east has gotten better! Yes they can pass the Hawks for the 8 seed and get eliminated the first round but no key pick ups this year when they needed it most will hurt this team.

10. New York Knicks (last season 37-45) – Many experts have these guys making the playoffs, really? They did not improve from last season and they were 9th in the Conference. Now with others in the east improving where does this leave them? Melo should of left when he had a chance! Derek Fisher doesn’t help much either!

11. Detroit Pistons (last season 29-53) – This is a team to keep your eye on. They have fit the pieces back together with Jodie Meeks and Josh Smith. Could make a little noise and even make the playoffs but I give it one more year.

12. Boston Celtics (last season 25-57) – Rondo is back but they didn’t do much to improve after that. He will get them 10 more wins then last season but that’s about it. Like I said the east is getting better and that won’t be enough to make the playoffs.

13. Milwaukee Bucks (last season 15-67) – Not the worst this season! There is some young talent there that will win some games. If Sanders is a 100% and brings that defensive game with him they will be better but still far behind a playoff spot.

14. Orlando Magic (last season 23-59) – Still has some young talent with Oladipo but not much around him. They need a few first round draft picks and maybe in a few years they will improve but right now they will be near the bottom.

15. Philadelphia 76ers (last season 19-63) – Their true colors came out at the end of last season losing 26 in a row! This team didn’t do anything to improve and will be at the bottom all season!


That is how I see the Opening Power Ranking for the 2014-15 NBA Season make sure to come back for the Mid-Season Rankings and daily for Top Plays of the Day! Remember many things can change from now to Mid-Season but this is the best ranking for right now.

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