Updated: December 30, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.52.50 PMBY: ANTHONY “ACE” MICHAEL

Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL Playoff ratings, write up’s, and predictions for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it happening this season!

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5. Arizona Cardinals at 4. Carolina Panthers

This match up is the least favorite and really won't be viewed that much being the Saturday afternoon game. I do think people are overlooking these two teams. There has not been a dominate team all season. People say New England and Seattle Super Bowl but maybe one of them but that is it. Two #1 teams for the first time in a long time last year never will happen two years in a row! I think a team like this can get hot at the right time and get to the promise land. Anyways, this match up would of went to Arizona but with a 3rd string QB and the Panthers getting hot and at home at the right time will be tough to overcome. Should be a close game so I will take the points and the Cardinals but the Panthers might get the win.

Cardinals +5.5



6. Detroit Lions at 3. Dallas Cowboys

Here we go again! Dallas and Detroit in the playoffs and someone has to win! Both teams have been awful in the playoffs and it is hard to take either one. So around 95% of the public has the Cowboys advancing maybe 90% now once they heard Suh was in! I think these two teams are evenly matched and the Cowboys do lose games at home they are suppose to win. Bottom line the Cowboys could win with a last minute drive and even lose this. So I go with the points once again!

Lions +8





6. Baltimore Ravens at 3. Pittsburgh Steelers

There is no more to ask for then a Raven/Steelers playoff game! Going to go down to the wire like always. Big Ben has proven himself once again when everyone thought he was washed up but this is where Joe Flacco shines the most! Shootout or Defensive game its close and if you can get the 3.5 with the Ravens I think its a must. Big injury to Bell gives my lean to the Ravens.

Ravens +3.5



5. Cincinnati Bengals at 4. Indianapolis Colts

Luck in the playoffs is fun to watch but I will not go back on my word at the beginning of the season. I said the Bengals will get out of the first round of the playoffs and maybe even farther. I do like them here. Their defense is good enough and their offense should score points vs a bad Colts defense. Not many people are going to bet the Bengals but at just 4 point dogs I think the experts have this one right. Wait until kickoff and get 5 or 6.

Bengals +4



That's the way I see it after the Wild Card round ALL DOGS! Good Luck and see you the Next Round!

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