Updated: January 8, 2015

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Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL Playoff ratings, write up’s, and predictions for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it happening this season!


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4. Carolina Panthers at 1. Seattle Seahawks

The defending champs are up! Most of the Vegas Experts if not all have these Seattle Seahawks destroying the Carolina Panthers. Not me and here is why, The Panthers defense matches up very well against these guys. For the most part they are healthy and always seem to play the Seahawks well. Most people are looking at their losing record and their last game against an injured Cardinals team. One thing you have to remember is the Arizona Cardinals defense is pretty damn good! They did score 27 against this defense and I believe even 20 might be good enough to get past Seattle here! It will be tough in that stadium plus the Seahawks have won 9 of their last 10 games. Don't forget this Panthers team is on a 5 game winning streak and has the defensive ability to slow down Wilson like they did in the last match up! Will be a lot closer then people think and don't be shocked if they pull of a major upset either!

Panthers +11



3. Dallas Cowboys at 2. Green Bay Packers

In this match up the major concern is Aaron Rodger's health. I fully expect him to be 100%. With the pain killers and the cortisone shots he will not feel a thing! I just can't see Romo having another good game on the road. I do believe the Cowboys are simply outmatched here and in Lambeau in the Freezing Cold weather they will have a tough time getting past these Packers at home. Also they will not get those same kind of calls in Lambeau as they did in Dallas. Aaron Rodgers and company not only will get the calls at home they will also win and cover! No need for a long explanation here!

Packers -6





6. Baltimore Ravens at 1. New England Patriots

This is the only match up New England Patriots didn't want to see. They thought the Ravens wouldn't even make it and then when they did they were hoping the Steelers would come through. Sorry guys but we all know the history here if we watched playoff football before. The Patriots do have the better team like always and even as double digit dogs they still couldn't beat the Ravens. Brady and company have it in the back of their head that they could have trouble. Flacco shines in the post season and he has no fears going into New England and pulling out another win. I do remember this season when some experts were picking the Ravens as the beast in the AFC. This is the same team and they know how to hit the on switch at the right time. Coach Harbaugh saves certain plays for this every moment. I am not taking anything away from the Patriots but they are one of the favorites every year like the Yankees but have not won in over 10 years since 2004! Also in 2004 was the last time all 4 home favorites won. The way this league is today you will very rarely see that happen again! So we do know one thing, at least one if not two underdogs will advance to the Conference Championship round and my pick would be the Ravens! Even if they lose how can you go against the 7 points the bookmakers are giving you? If this game is close the Patriots are in trouble.

Ravens +7



4. Indianapolis Colts at 2. Denver Broncos

Experts are calling this a tricky one to handicap. I honestly don't think so. Manning will turn it on now as he been taking a step back the last month of the season. The Colts better not forget about the passing game. Their defense is not good and the Broncos will put a lot of points on the board. Luck and company are capable also but they have really looked bad the last month as they lost their mojo. If the Colts can score 45 points or more they will be in the game but I just can't see that happening in Denver. I expect the Broncos to put up a statement game here and win by double digits!

Broncos -7



That's the way I see it after the Divisional round! Good Luck and see you in the Championship Round!

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