Updated: January 16, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.52.50 PMBY: ANTHONY “ACE” MICHAEL

Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL Playoff ratings, write up’s, and predictions for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it happening this season!


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2. Green Bay Packers at 1. Seattle Seahawks

This is the match up we all expected. The NFC was very watered down and this was so easy to predict. Now what will happen here might get interesting. I can never count out Aaron Rodgers but I really do think the Green Bay Packers are outmatched and out coached. In Seattle is never easy especially with a banged up quarterback going against the #1 defense in the NFL. My only issue is the Seahawks need to start scoring early instead of just late. They won't have to do that to win here but if they want to repeat they better bring their A game the next round! They should cover the spread and win by double digits here.

Seahawks -7 





4. Indianapolis Colts at 1. New England Patriots

This game will be a little more entertaining. Brady is the man they say but he has a lot of trouble with this Conference Playoff round. I do believe this is where Luck becomes an elite quarterback to stay! Nothing against Brady and the home field I just can't see these guys winning another close game and the Colts will be ready for all their tricks! I like the Colts outright but take the points because it will be another close one here. Could Luck take them to the Promise Land? I think so!

Colts +7 



See you back for the Suoer Bowl!!!!!

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