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Best Sports Picks Today’s NBA team ratings and write up’s for each conference! There will be many disagreements but this is the way BSPT Top Expert and Record Setting 20 straight game winner Anthony Michael see’s it mid-season! Remember this has nothing to do with team records but how powerful they rank among their Conference! Check out NBA Opening Power Rankings posting in Oct 2014:

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Western Conference

1. Golden State Warriors (mid-season 42-9) – Nothing to say about this team except wow! I love watching these guys play and I did have them winning at least 50 games but did not see them being the #1 team and looking good doing it. We will see if they can keep hitting the outside shots and if they do watch out! This #1 seed is sooooo important for them.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (mid-season 39-14) – Love these guys too but had them struggling a bit. Man was I wrong about these guys. I believe they are the most put together team besides the Spurs. Up and down their lineup is going to be tough to match up for anyone come playoff time. This team could be deadly!

3. San Antonio Spurs (mid-season 34-19) – I still think they will be tough but not impossible to beat. There are a few teams out there that have a good chance. It will be hard to bet against coach Pop come playoff time though. He knows exactly how to attack teams but if they do not have home court in the first round this could wear them down. I expect them to make a 2nd half run again!

4. Houston Rockets (mid-season 36-17) – I believe this teams playoff faith depends on Howard's return. If healthy he really opens up the shots for these deep shooters and James Harden could easily be on his way to the MVP award. Let's see how this pans out the next few months!

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (mid-season 28-25) – These guys are finally healthy and look very dangerous! Some sportsbooks even have these guys as the 3rd favorite to win a title. I do believe they will have the 8th seed and even if they beat the Warriors they will have to win every series on the road and I can't see that happening in a very tough western conference. They do have all kinds of talent so never count them out!

6. Dallas Mavericks (mid-season 36-19) – Ever since acquiring Rondo these guys have not been the same. I did expect them to gel by now but they still look unorganized out there. They have a few months left to get this together or see a 1st round exit but if they do get it together they are the sleeper in the west!

7. Portland Trailblazers (mid-season 36-17) – Another underrated team that might drop a few spots because a tough 2nd half schedule but are very capable of a 1st round upset. The injury to Aldridge could hurt them if he is not close to 100% come playoff time but Lillard and company have the tools to make a splash!

8. Los Angeles Clippers (mid-season 35-19) – Very disappointing team this season. They have the tools and another year together to compete for a title! Not this year! The Griffin injury would not of mattered either way. Unless they somehow turn this around in the next month they are doomed and looking at another 1st round exit!

9. New Orleans Pelicans (mid-season 27-26) – An unhealthy Davis and Holiday will make these guys missed the playoffs. They are still a few piece away from competing in a very tough western conference.

10. Phoenix Suns (mid-season 29-25) – Basically forfeited this season for some reason. Looking to the future does not sound to bad because they knew they would be a 1st round exit also come playoff time. Dealing Dragic got me scratching my head though.

11. Utah Jazz (mid-season 19-34) – Building nicely for the future and they are not as bad as their record shows. They always lose close games and are always tough at home but they are still a few years away from a playoff spot!

12. Sacramento Kings (mid-season 18-34) – Does not look like they will get even average anytime soon. A lot of work here with little or no future of success.

13. Denver Nuggets (mid-season 19-34) – With Nurkic the only bright spot of the future these guys will be in trouble when the finally deal Lawson. They will be stuck with an overrated Faried and not much depth!

14. Minnesota Timberwolves (mid-season 11-42) – Kevin Garnett back home is the only thing selling these tickets now a days. Martin and Rubio will get injured yet again and that will leave rookie sensation Wiggins performing alone come the end of the season.

15. Los Angeles Lakers (mid-season 12-41) – The Worst of the Worst in the west! They are just simply bad and will stay at the bottom this season. Might be going through a bad spell the next few years once the injured Kobe hangs it up!



Eastern Conference

1. Chicago Bulls (mid-season 34-20) – Still the best put together team in the east in my eyes. Top to bottom as solid as you can get. They have the depth to make it far in the playoffs but the key in being 100% healthy! All-Stars Butler and Gasol lead the charge with help from former MVP Rose and company does not get much better than this!

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (mid-season 33-22) – Going to be tough come playoff time. Finally hitting their best stride as the destroy opponents on a nightly basis. James and company are eyeing another eastern conference title but the task is a lot harder then they think!

3. Atlanta Hawks (mid-season 43-11) – This team amazingly has the best record. I liked them at the start but didn't think they could stay healthy with a team like this. They proved me and the rest of the world wrong and don't be surprised if they keep it going!

4. Toronto Raptors (mid-season 36-17) – Another team that surprised me were these guys. I thought they could be a fluke and when Derozan went down I thought that was it. They hung tough and found ways to win. Should be a dangerous team come playoff time and won't be surprised if they upset in the 2nd round.

5. Washington Wizards (mid-season 33-21) – Another team that could go under the radar a little are these guys. Wall is the real deal and they are built to go toe to toe with any of the teams above. This is a dangerously solid squad and nobody wants to see them come playoffs time especially if they snap out of this mini slump they are having.

6. Indiana Pacers (mid-season 21-33) – The Pacers are finally kicking it into stride at the right time. George looking to bounce back from that horrible injury. Even if he is half of what he was they will be another team nobody wants to see in the 1st round! The sleeper of the east.

7. Milwaukee Bucks (mid-season 30-23) – This team has simply amazed me on what they are doing with what they have. They are 7 games above .500 and winning games especially as underdogs. They have something nice to build on and is the team of the future in the east.

8. Miami Heat (mid-season 22-30) – The Bosh injury is a huge blow! I would of had them at #5 on this list. The Goran Dragic pick was nice but the Bosh loss is a wash and they are right where they should be.

9. Detroit Pistons (mid-season 21-33) – This team showed signs of life but then their spark starter Jennings went down. Good idea adding the flashy Reggie Jackson. This should spark them again and give them one final run at a playoff spot! Not sure what will happen next year?

10. Brooklyn Nets (mid-season 21-31) – Big disappointment here with all this talent. Getting old now and really have no way to improve now. The injuries killed their chances like I thought they would! Time to start selling next year!

11. Charlotte Hornets (mid-season 22-30) – Not a bad team at all just no luck and can't all stay healthy at once. Could compete with anyone in their home build. To bad they won't have home court if they find themselves in that 8 spot come playoff time.

12. Orlando Magic (mid-season 17-39) – Nikola and Oladipo are a nice building block for the future. They are only a couple of pieces away from making a big impact on the eastern conference!

13. Boston Celtics (mid-season 20-31) – First they get rid of their franchise player now they expect these guys to win? They are a long way from winning again and not even close to a playoff spot for awhile.

14. Philadelphia 76ers (mid-season 12-41) – Not a good team at all but better off then most of these bad teams. They have a ton of draft picks coming up that could change them and increase their chances of winning again dramatically!

15. New York Knicks (mid-season 10-43) – Going to be very bad for a long time like I predicted at the start of the season. Once Melo leaves their is zero chance of competing in the league. If he stays maybe a 1% chance! They like the Lakers are in trouble for a long time unless they can somehow get an entire new team!



That is how I see the Mid-Season Power Ranking for the 2015 NBA Season make sure to come back for the Playoff Rankings and daily for Top Plays of the Day! Remember many things can change from now to then with a key injury but this is the best ranking for right now.

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