Updated: May 3, 2015

By: Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)


Not to bad in the first round. Did not think the Raptors would fold again. Also was not shocked the Clippers beat the Spurs but I figured the Spurs would have one final run at it. Looking ahead to round 2 there are some great match ups I need to go over. This might surprise you a bit!


Eastern Conference


5. Washington Wizards vs 1. Atlanta Hawks

Should be a nice battle of the tough guys! The Wizards were very impressive in the first round and look to stay hot. The Hawks struggled a little bit toward the end of the season and the first round. I think the key for the Wizards to get past the Hawks is Nene. If he don't step it up like last year they will fall short. The Atlanta Hawks been playing so well its going to be tough to beat them 4 games at this point. I do believe this will go 7 games but to much for the Wizards to handle in that game!

Prediction: Atlanta Hawks win the series 4-3



3. Chicago Bulls vs 2. Cleveland Cavaliers

What we all been waiting for was this match up! The Cavaliers can compete with anybody but with a key loss of Kevin Love really changes this series. J.R. Smith they can live without but not Love. James and company will still be tough but are beatable. The Bulls come in with the most depth and that would be an issue for anyone, including Love and the Cavs. James is overmatched but don't count him out. Let me do that! Bulls finally get over the hump!

Prediction: Chicago Bulls win the series 4-2




Western Conference

1. Golden State Warriors vs 5. Memphis Grizzlies

Everyone expecting a sweep or blowout in many of these games better think again. The Grizzlies defense could be the key to this series. The Warriors are flat out a pure shooting team and the MVP Curry is the Best Pure Shooter I have ever seen play the game. With tighter defense this round I think the Grizzlies can hang if not beat these boys. Gasol, Randolph, Conley, and more is a handful on the other side also. Of course I won't be shocked if the Warriors win like their suppose to but the Grizzlies are for real! Game 3 will be the key to this series!

Prediction: Grizzlies win the series 4-2



2. Houston Rockets vs 3. Los Angeles Clippers


What a great match up. Harden and Howard will be dominate once again and the Rockets will be tough. They can win at home and on the road just like the Clippers. Here is the way I see it. The Clippers have grown up finally and got past a Very Tough Spurs Team! They would of got swept a year or two ago like in the past. They are a very dangerous team and can hang with any of these. I expect them to go to the Western Conference Finals! Griffin and Paul are unstoppable!

Prediction: Los Angeles Clippers win the series 4-2






Come back each round for more picks and insight from Anthony Michael! Please feel free to like/share this article. Good luck to all and if you're gambling please remember to always play responsibly!

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