THE FULL STORY of Stephen Curry: The Faith Driven MVP

Updated: May 12, 2015

PRESENTED BY: Bryant Lucas@blucas2day

tv When you match Stephen Curry's stats with his image, you'll say no way this kid can put up numbers like that. Well Curry is a prime example that there is more to basketball than size. Curry doesn't look like your typical basketball star, but it's not always your athletic physique that's required to reach superstardom."To be successful, it requires faith and passion", said by Curry during his MVP Speech, which has been demonstrated throughout his life.

The 6"3 sharp shooter has overcome doubt throughout his basketball career, to say the least. Coming out of Charlotte Christian High-school, Steph wasn't highly recruited by college recruits. There excuse was that Curry wasn't big enough to shoot over taller defenders and not strong enough to take punishment in the paint. Top colleges like UConn, North Carolina, Florida and Duke overlooked the future Davidson star (Ironic how younger brother Seth had the chance to play for Duke, despite ranking less coming out of High-School). None the less, I bet Steph wouldn't change his decision going to Davidson.

Stephen Curry is known for his faith in God, he talks about how he can do all things through Christ and displayed it during the 2012-2013 season, with his 54 point performance against the Knicks at the Garden. He wrote the scripture on his shoe, what a way to lead by example.

If you look at how the MVP shoots the ball, it's as if he already knows the ball will glide through the net. Sometimes I think God sends angels from the heaven above, to dunk the ball after Curry releases it! Watching this guy shooting the ball is simply breath taking to say the least, his form is just simply art.

His shooting touch is such a popular topic to talk about, that we tend to forget about his ability to handle the rock as if there is a string attached. He dribbles the ball as if it's a yoyo, while taunting defenders daring them to take it from him. He has has two highlights of making Chris Paul look like he's breakdancing to an 80's pop song. Within a blink of an eye, the Davidson product can make an elite defender look like a kid on an ice rink

Wait.....There's more to his game, what about his court vision. Some of the passes this man has pulled off is astonishing to say the least (Rondo would approve this message). His IQ is very high, he knows where his teammates are all the time on the court. His faith in his team is what gives him the comfort to pass up difficult shots most MVP's would rather take (Even though Steph has proven he can make difficult shots).

At age 27, Curry is currently the best basketball player in the world and has his family to thank (Especially Dell for teaching him the craft of shooting the ball). Faith and skill level has gotten Curry to the platform he's currently in, with amount of belief Steph has in himself, the sky is the limit for the 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player.

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