Updated: May 31, 2015



Just what everyone expected all year is finally here! The Warriors vs the Cavaliers! Both of these teams have some of the best offense we seen in the playoffs. They both seem consistent and know how to win the close games. LeBron James has the experience though and that could make a difference. He has beat a team just like this in the Thunder a few years back. Here is the difference though, he had All-Stars like Bosh and Wade. Now he does not have that go to guy when needed. This could be a Big Problem down the stretch of games. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Company if health should be able to get the job done in this series. Getting Bogut involved early will open up these 3 point shots even more and I think that is another key to success. That does ot need to happen to win this series but everything helps. I would not count out The King just yet but I think he is simply over matched! He will make it a series to remember but come up a bit short!


Warriors over the Cavaliers in 7


Its been a fun season of winning, See ya next season!

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