Updated: September 11, 2015

By: Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

Some will disagree and other will disagree just to disagree! One thing is for sure, FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!! There are certain teams I would stick with all season and certain ones I would stay away from! I will also do the Power Rankings starting Week 2!




Stick with:

  1. St. Louis Rams - These guys will have the Best Defense in the NFL! The Best Part they will be underdogs most of the season! Upgraded offense should be right in the mix of things in every game. Must Play Dog!!!!
  2. San Francisco 49ers - Not as bad as people think! Still have talent and Hyde is a nice upgrade. Must Play Dog!!!!
  3. Washington Redskins - Cousins fits nice and another year to mesh will be right up his alley. Giants are not good, both the Cowboys and the Eagles are a bit overrated. These rivals will find themselves as the Dogs a lot and should be able to hold their own!

Stay away:

  1. Minnesota Vikings - Everyone picking these guys but we all know the Packers are the team there. Adding Peterson helps but another year older might hurt. Stay away from these guys as favorites this season!
  2. Philadelphia Eagles - A bit overrated with an injured prone QB! Murray will not be as good in this offense as people think. The team can score with the best of them but inconsistent play will hurt them this season.
  3. Dallas Cowboys - Losing Murray will make this team fail more then not. He was the Captain, Not Romo! No playoffs this year and losing as favorites will be a regular thing.




Stick with:

  1. Miami Dolphins - Tannehill another year and getting better! Solid defense these guys look like they will competing for the division again! Might start out 6-0!
  2. New York Jets - Not as bad as you think! Defense looks amazing and will keep these Dogs in a lot more games then you think!
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Should be 2nd in this division with some BIG wins this season. Getting better will improve and win as DOG quite a bit! Sleepers!

Stay Away:

  1. Denver Broncos - They could be the team that disappoints. Double Digit favorites will struggle at the start. Stay Away!!!!
  2. Indianapolis Colts - Start slow but kick it into gear. Stay away for the first 6 games because anything can happen. Looked terrible in preseaon and will continue that for now.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals - Looked terrible all preseason and will not make the playoffs with this team. Declining fast Watch out!!!



That's what the BSPT All-Time Leader will be betting this year to start the season! Stick with it and cash in!!!!

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Good Luck to ALL!

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