Updated: January 11, 2016

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Best Sports Picks Today’s NFL Divisional Playoff rankings, write up’s, and predictions for each conference! The last round was not the Greatest ever but 2-2 not bad. All 4 road teams won which was amazing! That won't happen this time around but I can expect at least one to do it! One road dog has won this round every year for the past 10 years!

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6. Seattle Seahawks at 1. Carolina Panthers

The Seahawks received a gift Saturday afternoon from the Vikings in Minnesota. A trip to the Divisional Championship round! The Vikings did deserve that loss and it didn't have much to do with a field goal. Peterson lost it! Enough of that! The Seahawks will test their luck again in Carolina. This is a very winnable game. I say it depends on the Lynch factor. The Panthers on the other hand are the Best I seen this year. They always seem to find a way to win! Oh and one more thing, the Newton factor. I believe this game will be close but how can you go against Cam at home in a close one!

Picks: Panthers -145


5. Green Bay Packers at 2. Arizona Cardinals

The Packers very impressive and some say they are back! Rodgers was flawless in the 2nd half against a 28th ranked defense! Don't get me wrong he is good, but now going against the 5th ranked offense might change things up a bit! What can I say, the Cardinals look very impressive also and with this #1 Ranked Offense Palmer has this team right where he wants them. I cannot see them losing this game but stranger things have happened, especially when Green Bay is involved. The Cardinals win by at least 8 or more!

Pick: Cardinals -7




6. Pittsburgh Steelers at 1. Denver Broncos

In the worst game I seen all season the Steelers took the thug bowl over the Bengals! If Big Ben and Brown both play they will have a chance to upset. The match up between Pittsburgh's 3rd ranked offense and Denver's #1 ranked defense should be a thrill! Pittsburgh's defense came alive and they need them here. Could Manning's woes continue? He is banking on that defense to take him to the promise land. This should be a back and forth game. Has the makings for an upset but like I said Big Ben and Brown need to play here! If Williams plays its a shoe in! The Broncos will be kicking themselves for not starting Brock!

Pick: Steelers +235


5. Kansas City Chiefs at 2. New England Patriots  

The Chiefs the most impressive playoff team by far! With a 11 game winning streak and people saying they didn't play anyone yet, including me! I think they are the most well balanced team and have a chance as long as Alex Smith keeps his mistakes down to a minimum! Maclin could be a huge loss but I still like their upset chances. The well rested Tom Brady and company will be ready for this game. Slumping into the playoffs is something Belichick didn't want to see! I have to say they will be ready though. I think its another close one and the 5 plays the 6 seed in a wild playoff weekend NOBODY Predicted!!!!

Picks: Chiefs +6

That's the way I see it after the Divisional Round! Good Luck and see you in the Championship Round!


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