Updated: April 22, 2016

By: Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

I am back to guide you through these playoffs once again! Like I said in the past don't bet individual games but cash in on the series! This way you don't have to sweat out those Big point spreads. Some will say that basketball is too hard to predict, I will say it's the most controlled game out there! Meaning the players and coaches don’t have to worry about a fumble and being down 17 at the half, a loose puck with a 3 point lead, a wild pitch and a home run. If you have 10 turnovers in a half and down 20 you still have a chance to win. Which makes the NBA Playoffs even better!  You not only can have a bad game but 3 bad games and still win the series 4-3! I will be going over key match up's and all my series predictions. Last year another very successful year with picking the Warriors over the Cavs. Plus a few upsets along the way. This is how I see the 1st round:


Eastern Conference

8. Detroit Pistons vs 1. Cleveland Cavaliers


What is there to say about this series? Not a whole lot. The Pistons are and up and coming team and look like they can compete with anyone at times. They have a good looking young team, but we all know who will win this series. Lebron and company should have no problem getting past these guys. They do not even have to play their A games to do it. I think it would be smart to build a big lead and rest the starters along the way. Cavs Dominate in the East once again!

Prediction:  Cleveland Cavaliers win the series 4-0

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7. Indiana Pacers vs 2. Toronto Raptors


This is an interesting 2 vs 7 series. There are no gimme's here and with the Raptors with no luck getting out of the first round, it could get interesting. Both teams coming into this series on 3 game winning streaks. The Raptors only lost 9 at home the entire season so they should be tough. On the other hand the Pacers are under .500 on the road. Throw those stats out the window in this series. One thing is certain here, the Pacers know how to win playoff games and the Raptors do not. Pacers upset in 7!

Prediction: Indiana Pacers win the series 4-3

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6. Charlotte Hornets vs 3. Miami Heat


The Hornets are in the Playoffs, quietly they made it and people don't even realize it until they turn on the TV this weekend. Now the question comes, could they beat the heat? They are a solid team and improving each year. I expect them to put up one hell of a fight. The Al Jefferson injury mad them change the play of their team but now he really doesn't fit in well. If they can get back to fitting him they have a small chance. The Heat with Wade and company been down this road again and again. It is going to be hard for the Hornets to beat this veteran team 4 games. I just don't see it happening this year.

Prediction:  Miami Heat win the series 4-2

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5. Boston Celtics vs 4. Atlanta Hawks

I would say this is the best series in the playoffs. Both of these teams match up well against each other. It took Brad Stevens a few years but he has them turned around in the right direction. So its safe to say the Celtics are much improved and the Hawks are on a slight decline. Is that enough to get back the Hawks? It will be tough and it will come down to game 7 I believe. I have to go with the experience here and give the Celtics one more here to get out of the first round.

Prediction:  Atlanta Hawks win the series 4-3

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Western Conference

8. Houston Rockets vs 1. Golden State Warriors

I think this series will be fun to watch. This is not necessarily the team the Warriors wanted to see in the first round. The Rockets can run up and down the court with anyone. James Harden is the runner up in the MVP race I believe. They have the 3 ball which is a good thing now a days, but they don't have the defense needed in the playoffs. The Warriors are the Best Team we have ever seen record wise. They are near perfect in mapping out plays to their star players. Plus it does not hurt to have MVP Curry hitting 30 foot jumpers over 50% of the time! This could be a magical season but I would worry if the Rockets win a couple of games it might take a breathe out of the Warriors.

Prediction: Golden State Warriors win the series 4-2

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7. Memphis Grizzlies vs 2. San Antonio Spurs

With all the injuries to the Grizzlies and they are still in is amazing. This team has all heart and could upset the Spurs if they had their starters back. The Spurs are dominate, especially at home. Pop has been waiting for this moment (the playoffs). He has a plan to win one final title and I don't think we seen all his tricks just yet. They could upset the Warriors as long as the next round doesn't tire them out to much. Expect Pop to rest the guys once again in this series and still get a sweep!

Prediction: San Antonio Spurs win the series 4-0

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6. Dallas Mavericks vs 3. Oklahoma City Thunder

Dirk and company in the playoffs is always an exciting thing to watch. They know how to win in these situations and I expect another dog fight. The Thunder have to many weapons for the Mavs to defeat and Westbrook/Durant combo will prove once again to be a first round winner. I just don't think they are built for the playoffs and will have trouble the next round. Might be time for a new head coach!

Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder win the series 4-1

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5. Portland Trail Blazers vs 4. Los Angeles Clippers

The best series in the west! Should go 6 or 7 games. The Blazers lose Aldridge this season and still are the 5 seed in the west is pretty impressive to me. They actually have improved I believe. They are focusing on one true leader (Lillard) instead of two. This will be a team to watch out for. The Clippers have communication problems and that could be a disaster come playoff time. Of course with Paul and Griffin it should be enough to get to the next round. I still think this series is a test to see what Clippers team we have. If there is a sweep then watch out. I don't think so. Blazers could upset but I say Clippers sneak past.

Prediction: Los Angeles Clippers win the series 4-2

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Come back each round for more picks and insight from Anthony Michael! Please feel free to like/share this article. Good luck to all and if you're gambling please remember to always play responsibly!

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