Updated: April 30, 2016

By: Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

So far nearly perfect except the Clippers injuries. I had this series a battle going 6 games anyways and if we all would of known Paul and Griffin were out, it would of been a no brainer! I am sticking with my selections for the game 7's. I have the Pacers winning in 7 games and I had the Heat winning in 6. I believe both of these teams are the better teams. My upset 7 seed Pacers should of already won but don't worry. The Raptors let them back in the series and now this is where they collapse! The other series were fairly easy. I had the Cavs and Spurs sweeping which they did, the Warriors and Thunder losing at least one game, and I thought the Celtics would put up more of a fight but they still won for us! Here is the breakdown for Round 2:

Eastern Conference

4. Atlanta Hawks vs 1. Cleveland Cavaliers


Everyone and their brother have the Heat advancing to the Conference Finals. I would be lying if I said I didn't, but this is a series to watch. The Atlanta Hawks had tons of pressure being the 1 seed last season and now they are a year older. I think they win at least 2 games in this series and would not be shocked if it went 7 games. They have always been a great home team and can win in their building with ease. They feed of the crowd 2nd to the Warriors. In the end I do believe the Hawks with have no answers for the big 3 and that will once again put LeBron in the Conference Finals.

Prediction:  Cleveland Cavaliers win the series 4-2

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2. Toronto Raptors vs 3. Miami Heat


Not would I thought, I thought the Pacers would take this series. Now I think the Raptors have the advantage. It will be a good series but the Raptors got out of the 1st round so watch out! Wade and company has the experience but the Raptors are hungry.

Prediction: Toronto Raptors win the series 4-2

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Western Conference

5. Portland Trail Blazers vs 1. Golden State Warriors

This will be a test for the Warriors without Curry. Lillard should go wild in this series but McCollum will be the key in this series. The Warriors dodged a huge bullet with Paul and Griffin going down. I believed if healthy they would of beat the defending champs without Curry. I do think this series will go 6 or 7. The Blazers are much better defenders than the Rockets and that can cause problems for the Warriors. In the end Klay and the boys find a way in game 7!

Prediction: Golden State Warriors win the series 4-3

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3. Oklahoma City Thunder vs 2. San Antonio Spurs

Not who Pop wanted to see in the 2nd round! They always seem to have trouble with OKC. The speed of Westbrook and shooting of Durant alone, could really hurt their chances of a title. Like I said a million times, the Thunder are not built to win a title but they can change the outcome for sure. They key to this series is for the Spurs to win it in 5 or 6 games. No way they can sweep these guys. If there is a blowout Pop will rest the guys and Billy Donovan won't. I do expect Pop to give the starters all at least 30 minutes a game and try their hardest to end this series fast for more rest. I would not be shocked with the Thunder upsetting these guys and the Warriors, they can be that good at times. I just don't see it happening because this is the Best Spurs team I have EVER seen! That's a BIG statement!

Prediction: San Antonio Spurs win the series 4-2

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Come back each round for more picks and insight from Anthony Michael! Please feel free to like/share this article. Good luck to all and if you're gambling please remember to always play responsibly!

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