Updated: September 20, 2017

By: Senior BSPT Expert

Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

                                   Welcome Back Fantasy Football Fans!

THE WAIT IS OVER! Fantasy Football is back and before you put a lineup in make sure to read the entire article. We think you deserve to know where you get the Most BANG for your Buck. There are many 1 day Fantasy Football Sites out there but these couple are the ones you should be focusing on. Did you know that most of these sites make it impossible to win on? Unless of course you have $1000's to spend each week!


We know Fanduel is the Leader in the Industry, but there is a reason for it also. They have so many different leagues to join if you stay away from the largest ones and focus on the smaller ones you can cash in nearly each week. If you are not a member they are offering their Best Bonus ever this year, Get A FREE Entry in there Sunday Million Contest:   -Click Here for ALL the Details-

One thing that was amazing is if you took your Fanduel Lineups and plugged them into FanPicks.com you would win more contests. That's why I use both sites every week and not others. I have been playing for a few years now and getting better each year. Many people probably never heard of FanPicks.com but they are the next tier under the Top 2. The cool thing is they give you $10 FREE without depositing. That's right without depositing to try out. Make sure you get your FREE cash by  -CLICKING HERE FOR BONUS-


So I take my chances every week with FanDuel and hope to hit a BIG One and Cash in nearly every week with FanPicks. It is not a loss for me and keeps my bankroll steady.


Also we noticed something in common to Fantasy Football with our Free Pick Page. Follow the Hottest Handicappers Best Bets of the Day. Pick a combination of players from the teams they select and your odds nearly double of cashing in on that lineup! It was a proven fact one of our followers brought to our attention last season. Checkout the Free Picks Page Now: http://bestsportspickstoday.com/free-sports-picks


Enjoy this season of football and message me with any questions,


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