September 2017 – Community Update

Updated: September 21, 2017
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Just wanted to write a quick post to let you know about some of the recent changes we've made here on Best Sports Picks Today.

BSPT Forum

We've decided to remove the BSPT Forum. The community engagement there wasn't that spectacular and it was just another thing to maintain distracting from work that could otherwise be done to the site. For the remainder of the year onward we really want to focus on bringing some added value to our actively engaged community.

Pick Submission Form

The Pick Submission Form has recently been upgraded with pre-populated drop-downs for teams by league. We've been putting more improvements into the form and will continue to do so over the coming months. It's worth mentioning that our tech team has noticed some "creative" use of some of the form fields from our handicapper community so we've decided to lock down some of the edge case things that we've seen as the picks get graded. If you have suggestions for the pick submission form or feel there is a use case that should be allowed please drop a line to feedback <at>

Free Daily Picks Listing

You also may have noticed in the last week the Free Daily Picks listing has been changed. Now the top leader picks are hidden from non-members. We'd like to get to know our community a little better so we did that to incentive “lurking” users to sign up for an account. We also streamlined the signup process itself.

More To Come

We have more in store for release within the coming months. Stay tuned! Please drop us a line with any feedback or comments you might have to: feedback <at> We'd love to hear feedback/suggestions from our community.