NFL Divisional Round Predictions and Upset

Updated: January 10, 2018

By: Senior BSPT Expert

Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

 Divisional Round BABY!

Hope everyone enjoyed an exciting Wild Card Round. There were 2 upsets and Underdogs were 4-0! Let's just say, I told you so. Las Vegas would not exist if favorites went 4-0 every year. What we have to remember is there is no standout team this year? So first round underdogs did not shock me and Vegas cleaned up. There was tons of late money on the Saints Sunday Night to break people even for the weekend. No way favorites go 0-4 is what people were thinking. I did go 3-1 in last weeks Wild Card Round only losing with the Chiefs. Very easily could of went 4-0 or 2-2, so I will take it! Here's what I figured out after hours and hours of research:


Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

This is our first match up of the Divisional Round. All the numbers pointed in the Falcons direction last week over the Rams. They won it easy for us as a nice underdog and my Best Bet of the Weekend. This week is a little different, but not by much. We know what we are going to get in the Atlanta Falcons. They are a hard working team that never gives up. Unless they are in the Super Bowl vs the Patriots! Haha! They might not be able to get that 100+ yards rushing against the Eagles defense, like they did last week against the Rams. Matt Ryan should be able to pass the ball once again though and I can see Julio having a BIG day. I know establishing the running game is key, so if they can somewhat they will be okay. On the other side of the ball the Eagles and Carson Wentz would of been favorite by 7 in this match up and I would of picked them. Now Nick Foles and the Eagles are underdogs here. Vegas has it right, trying to get early money on the Eagles. Let's throw their offensive numbers out the window and focus on the 4th Rank Defense. Could they force enough turnovers to give Foles a short field and pull off a win? That is just to much to ask against a Falcons Offense that only gave a way 18 the entire season. The Eagles will need more than just 1 to win this. There is a reason the Eagles got rid of Foles in the first place, because he can't win the Big Games!!!!

My Pick: Falcons -2.5

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Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots

This is the hardest game to pick on the weekend. We all know who will win but how hard will Bill push his guys? Myself and the rest of the Nation is shocked the Titans somehow won this game over the Chiefs. Does Marcus Mariota have one more miracle? I sure hope so, but hope is all we have right now. One thing is certain, the Titans defense can control the run game. To bad Bronk is near 100% and Brady and the Pats will be passing all day! That should open up the run game more. I usually throw New England's regular season defensive stats out the window, because they do not match up to their playoff defense. EVER! I don't see Belichick taking his foot off the gas in this one! Get -13 while you still can out there! Lock it in NOW.

My Pick: Patriots -13

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Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers

In this match up many people are really bragging about that Jaguars Defense. I have to agree they are one of the Best! They do have a problem with their struggling offense though. I know everything they teach you as a Sports Handicapper is to never look back at the previous games, but it is hard not to! If this offense could not score much at home vs a bad Bills Defense. How are they going to do it at Heinz Field against a #5 Ranked Defense? They are also just 4-4 on the road this season. The Jags also have 33 take a ways this season! For every pro there is a couple of cons with them! The Steelers rely strongly on the passing game but they could have some problems in that department. They do still have Le'Veon Bell and have not run his tires off this season. I expect a Big performance in him here. I do expect a wacky score as safeties and/or two point conversions should happen. Come on, It's Pitts style! This is another hard game to pick. I do believe Pitt gets it done!

 My Pick: Steelers -7

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New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

I ran the numbers on this game a couple of times and they are dead even. It should be another fun one to watch this weekend. I do suggest if there is only one game you can watch this weekend? Make sure it is this one! Let's start with talking about this Saints Defense. Yeah, I said that right! I was not a believer most of the season, but this is the Best Defense I can remember them ever having. Not one of the Best, but better than a lot of teams. This means a lot for Drew Brees and this Saints offense. They held on last week because of a huge sack to end the game. Saints could have trouble scoring against this #1 Ranked Defense! Keenum is not doing it alone, he does have Thielen, Diggs, and Rudolph. That is not the talk of the town though, everything is relying on this defense. I think Murray is the key factor here. Could it be another game relying on the turnovers? Neither team really turns the ball over. Brees takes a lot more chances on the Big Plays. In the end I like my chances with the ball in Drew Brees's hands over Case Kennum. Drew has the experience and has been here before. I just think its less likely for him to make mistakes down the stretch than Kennum. Tough to figure out this one, but the Saints are my pick and take the points!

My Pick: Saints +4

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Good luck in the Divisonal Round and I hope you CASH IN on Last Weeks Picks .

See you next week!

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