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Updated: January 20, 2018

By: Senior BSPT Expert

Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

 Championship Round is HERE!

There were more upsets last week in the Divisional Round and Underdogs vs the spread are an amazing 7-1 now! Like I was saying, there was no clear cut favorites and as expected upsets happening. I only went 2-2 last week, but 5-3 overall so far and if you waited until Sunday to put that Saints pick in at +5.5. I said wait as long as you can, but if not you went 1-3. Tough week because the Falcons were 1 play away from winning. We will at worst go 1-1 in this round and looking for a clear sweep! Here is how I have it playing out Sunday:


Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

This should be a Great defensive match up. The #1 Defense in the Vikings taking on another Great Eagles Defense in Philly. Keenum vs Foles I can't believe I am saying that! The Viks can make BIG plays when needed all season long. Keenum has confidence now and should be ready. On the other side Foles now has confidence and also will be ready. I have to expect less mistakes from each QB. Their records are identical 13-3 Overall, 7-1 at Home, 6-2 on Road, 5-1 in Division, & 10-2 in Conference. I would say Viks D slightly better but the Eagles are at home! I also would say Eagles Offense was slightly better but Wentz is out and now they are equal. Some how the Eagles are home dogs again. I would call it a PICK for sure! I would expect most of the money in Vegas to go on the Vikings. Everyone is talking about a home Super Bowl game! In this close of a match up I would wait before kick off and try and get that +3.5 or +4 on the Eagles.

My Pick: Eagles +3

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Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots

This is not as easy as it seems or is it? The Jaguars offense came out to play last week! Their outstanding defense gave up 6 touchdowns against the #3 Ranked Offense in the NFL. Now they are going against the #1 Ranked Offense in the NFL this week. They were just 4-4 on the road and won last week on the road. I still give these guys a ton of credit! They do know how to stop the pass, in the regular season! Now throw all those stats away. Like I said last week, the Patriots were ranked #29 in Defense in the regular season. Coach Belichick knows how to rest his guys throughout the season and his defense is MUCH improved now. They will be ready for this challenge and he is the Best Coach at making adjustments. The Jaguars think they have a good plan in this game, reviewing tape after tape. Belichick has a totally different approach on this game and will be calling plays he has not all season. I do hope the Jags win this match up, but I think its nearly impossible. The betting public jumped all over the Jaguars +9 and now got it down to +7. All the late money will come in on the Patriots. I read this book before. Lock it in at -7 before it changes!

My Pick: Patriots -7

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Good luck in the Championship Round and see you for my Super Bowl Pick.

See you in 2 weeks!

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