Is Preseason Football where all the money is really at?

Updated: August 9, 2018
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Sr. BSPT Expert Capper:

Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

Some gamblers can’t wait until preseason starts so they can bet on their favorite team, kick back, and have a couple beers and relax. Others like myself follow these same trends that been happening for years and years time in and time out and cash in. If you know your football, along with coaching and players, this becomes easier than you think. There are 3 coaches I follow when it comes to Preseason Football. Remember one thing, the point spreads are always very low so never go with the spread. I usually take the moneyline because many of these games are close. Here is what I am putting my money on this Preseason:


 Baltimore Ravens

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They are 15-5 the last 5 years! Coach Harbaugh uses these games to keep the momentum going for the regular season. He matches up players with each other perfectly. Be very careful and always take the moneyline in these preseason games. Take the Ravens every game!



 Seattle Seahawks 

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They are also 15-5 the last 5 years! Coach Carroll never played a game he didn’t care if he won or lost. He takes every game seriously and always will. His team will be ready for the W. Take these Seahawks every game!

 Pittsburgh Steelers 

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They are 6-14 the last 5 years! Coach Tomlin uses these 4 weeks to give certain players extra rest. Also he tends to get as much out of these games as possible. This turns into more mistakes during the game. Which I think Preseason is for? He doesn’t believe what Harbaugh or Carroll think. All 3 have different ways of looking at it, but whatever works for you do it! All 3 are Super Bowl Winners! I go against the Steelers every preseason game and cash in!


These are the only 3 teams I focus on the past couple years. It pays off and then the easy games are over. Off to the Regular Season!!!




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