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Updated: September 4, 2018

Sr. BSPT Expert Capper:

Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

Welcome ALL Football Fans!!! Time flies and it just seemed like we were watching the Super Bowl. Let's get this started with focusing on NFL Futures to win the Super Bowl.

I have made it easy for you to look at the Opening Odds and Current Odds as of Dec. 4th 2018 and compare them. 




-If the odds are in RED and you placed a bet before the start of the season, you have GREAT value. If you have not placed the bet yet you have lost value, but don't wait any longer.

-If the odds are in GREEN and you placed a bet before the start of the season you have lost value. If you have not placed the bet yet and your team is in GREEN make sure to do so ASAP. 

-If the odds are in BLUE there are no change in odds from before the start of the season and if is safe to place a wager now.

-If you see an OUT in ORANGE this means these teams have no mathematical chance of making the playoffs this season. 



EAGLES & VIKINGS are at the Best Value because these 2 teams were near the top to win a Super Bowl and a few injuries got them out to a slow start. If healthy, either one of these teams can do it!

COWBOYS & SEAHAWKS are both on a roll as of late and have just a good of a chance then any!

CHARGERS AND BEARS you have lost some value on the Chargers as they opened up at 20-1 and now 12-1. They have proven they can beat tough teams on the road and that is what it takes to win a Super Bowl. The Bears opened up at 100-1 and only Chicago Fans locked that in, but at 20-1 the Bears have the Best Defense in the entire NFL by far. They also won with a backup QB on the road and if healthy they will be Very Dangerous!


I am taking ALL 6 of these teams at $100 each. I think that is a GREAT INVESTMENT! I will get at least 2 Division winners and 4 Wild Card Teams.


Click on any team below to checkout the Best Odds I could find around:


Opening Odds & Current Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII
  “click any team below to see current odds”
New England Patriots 7-1    / 5-1
Los Angeles Rams 9-1    / 3.5-1
Philadelphia Eagles 10-1  / 33-1
Minnesota Vikings 12-1  / 33-1
Green Bay Packers 14-1  / 250-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 14-1  / 14-1
Atlanta Falcons 16-1  / 50-1
New Orleans Saints 16-1  / 3.5/1
Houston Texans 20-1  / 16-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 20-1  / 250-1
Los Angeles Chargers 20-1  / 12-1
San Francisco 49ers 20-1  / Out
Dallas Cowboys 25-1   / 25-1
Kansas City Chiefs 25-1   / 6-1
New York Giants 25-1   / 250-1
Baltimore Ravens 33-1   / 33-1
Carolina Panthers 33-1   / 100-1
Denver Broncos 33-1   / 66-1
Oakland Raiders 33-1   / Out
Detroit Lions 40-1   / 500-1
Tennessee Titans 40-1   / 66-1
Seattle Seahawks 50-1   / 33-1
Cleveland Browns 66-1   / 500-1
Indianapolis Colts 66-1   / 50-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 66-1   / 250-1
Washington Redskins 66-1   / 250-1
Arizona Cardinals 100-1 / 1000-1
Buffalo Bills 100-1 / 500-1
Chicago Bears 100-1 / 20-1
Cincinnati Bengals 100-1 / 500-1
Miami Dolphins 100-1 / 150-1
New York Jets 150-1 / Out



*Example of odds: If you bet $1 on the Dolphins you would get $150 back if they won the Super Bowl or if you bet $10 on the Patriots you would get $50 back if they won the Super Bowl.


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Good Luck and let's cash in again!

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