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By: Senior BSPT Expert from VegasInvestmentPicks.com

Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)


After a perfect last Saturday in the books as the Colts won easily and the Seahawks came back to cover for us. Sunday was not so nice, as the Ravens could not do anything right and still some how only lost by 6. Then the Bears missed opportunities was no better. After last weeks Underdogs went 4-0 that will not happen again this week. I would not be surprised if the favorites go 4-0 this time. Here is how I have it shaped up:


Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs

Many think there will be a lot of blowouts this Divisional Weekend. I can see one or two, but this ones should be closer then people think. Patrick Mahomes has something else on his mind. This can very well be a blowout also. The key here is that the Chiefs don't seem like the same team without Kareem Hunt. If they cannot establish a running game this Colts defense will be just fine in this match up. Andrew Luck is on a mission and so is his Top Rated Defense! If they can go into Houston and stop this high powered offense with a young QB, what makes you think this week is any different? Even if the Colts lose, it should be close. Wait until kickoff because all the late money will go on the Chiefs here.

My Pick: Indianapolis Colts +5.5

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Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams

Dallas squeezed by Seattle last week. Dak and the boys should be able to score here, but their defense will be the big question in this one. Another big question is that the Cowboys are just 3-5 on the road this season. They are a totally different team and I do not like it! The Rams are 7-1 at home and look pretty much unstoppable. With extra rest that helps Gurley and this home crowd behind them I think this can get out of hand early! Don't wait on this one and lock it in at 7!

My Pick: Los Angeles Rams -7

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Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots

Phillip Rivers does it again winning on the road as an underdog! That brings them to 8-1 on the road and their only loss was in Los Angeles to the Rams , so that does not could as a road game! This team is special and so is this defense that often gets unnoticed. Then they have Brady and the Patriots as their next opponent. It does not get any worse then this. If they can some how get past this game I think we are talking Super Bowl. That is a BIG "IF". Bill and Tom have been here many times and knows exactly what it takes to win a game like this. The home crowd, the play calling, the special teams, the big pays, the cheating, etc. I would love to see the Chargers win this, but I just don't see it happening. I will say it will be close and that they can still cover though. Wait on this line as the entire betting public will be trying to win their Saturday money back and go BIG on the Pats here!

 My Pick: Los Angeles Chargers +4

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Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints

Foles's magic continued last week and he is back at it again this weekend. They didn't do a very good job offensively against the Bears, but that defense stepped up BIG Time! Now the task just got a little bit harder. I do think the Eagles can score over 20 here! The problem is that I do think Brees and company can score a lot more. I won't be shocked if it is a close game. I don't think that is the case. The only thing that scares me is that the saints, in their last 5 games, scored 14, 31, 12, 28, and 10. I think its because they had a few injuries and took the foot off the pedal. Sticking with them until they prove me wrong! LOCK IT IN NOW!

My Pick: Saints -7.5

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Good luck in the Divisional round and I hope you CASH IN of these Picks.

See you with next weeks winners!

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