Boston Red Sox 2019 Predictions

Updated: March 7, 2019
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 By: Boston Red Sox Expert Writer

 Quinn Wahl (quinn.wahl.9)


The Red Sox are coming off a World Series slaughter against the Dodgers and the new 300 million dollar man. I see them repeating the same success this season, even while losing a couple of major pieces from their bullpen to free agency this offseason. They made winning look too easy last year, beating the Yankees 16-1 one game of the ALDS and finishing them off 3-1 in a 5 game series, then beating the Dodgers 4-1 in the World Series. The Red Sox should still be able to win this season, but possibly not as easy as they have before.

The Red Sox past season was one that will forever be remembered by many. We had players that seemed to always be in scoring position like Benni and Betts, along with JD Martinez being a candidate for a possible triple crown that he just barely missed out on. Although Jackie Bradley Jr hit just .234, he had a standout defensive year while delivering huge in the postseason. The starting pitching was a strong piece of the season success. Chris Sale was an obvious choice for Cy Young, until he got hurt mid year a
7nd didn’t quite return to that form for the rest of 2018.

This year, the only strong worry I see is the bullpen. The bullpen was one of the worst last season and now they got rid of two of their better pitchers. Craig Kimbrel, who is the best closer in baseball and Joe Kelly, who was an incredibly inconsistent reliever throughout the season. Although Kelly appeared when it counted, it resulted in the departure from the Red Sox and recurved a big contract from the Dodgers who I can see regretting it. Currently, we have a few mediocre guys in our pen and a few just bad pitchers to finish it off. I am really hoping that the starters can pitch six to seven innings per game in order to keep us in the lead. Sale should of course be able to get wins along with former Cy Young pitcher, Rick Porcello penciled in behind him. Nathan Eovaldi, Eduardo Rodriguez and David Price finish off the impressive rotation. E Rod has said, along with many of his teammates, that he has progressed quite a bit as a pitcher this offseason. Hopefully that results into him having a great season. Price, after having a few rough seasons with the Sox, will look to finally put together a good complete season with us start to finish.

The Sox have a few good prospects who could be coming up this year. Michael Chavis is one of them, ranking as the Sox #1 overall prospect. He has been going off in Spring Training, so I hope he can come up later this year to help out if the chance someone gets hurt. Chavis has hit .286 with 4 homers and 10 RBI this spring. Bobby Dalbec is another top prospect who will most likely come up next year. He too has put together an impressive Spring while hitting .294. Tyler Thornburg is another bullpen arm that could come emerge this year, but he has been inconsistent most of his career in Boston. Coming into his age 30 season, he has posted a 5.63 ERA throughout last season. My prediction, is him ending up with a short career in a Sox uniform.

The Red Sox have many questions for the upcoming season such as bullpen, players maintaining success, Betts resigning with the Red Sox (which he will), and can they be as good as they were last year without as good of a bullpen (even though their bullpen was already mediocre at best). With all that said, there are three weeks remaining until the season starts and the Red Sox can go back to beating the Yankees!


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