2019 March Madness Almanac

Updated: March 19, 2019

Let the madness begin, it’s the most unpredictable sporting event of the year. The number #1 overall seed was no shocker as Duke gets the nod. The 2-4 seeds in their region are Michigan St., LSU and Virginia Tech. The favorites are Duke and it be no surprise with Zion Williamson on the floor they can win their region.

The South region is the most interesting section of the bracket. The first seed is the first team to lose to a 16 seed ever that would be Virginia. Rounding out the top four schools in the region are Tennessee, Purdue and Kansas St. The real favorites in the region is the Tennessee Volunteers of the SEC conference. There’s no guarantee with Virginia after last year’s blunder but at least expect them to win their first game.

The Midwest Region has North Carolina as their #1 seed the third ACC team as a one seed. The remaining top 4 is Kentucky, Houston and Kansas. Good luck Tar Heels there’s a great chance they’ll have to play Kansas and Kentucky. You shouldn’t count out Houston or six seed Villanova, there’s no clear favorite. Blue is the color to pick the most likely team to win the region is Kentucky.

The West Region at no surprise is lead at the #1 seed by Gonzaga. To round out 2-4 seeds are Michigan, Texas Tech and Florida St. This is another region I don’t see the one seed making it to the final four on the fact that Gonzaga plays in a weak conference. If Gonzaga put up these numbers and played in the PAC-12 we would be looking at the favorites to take the title. As for the regional winner, the best bet is to go with Michigan. The big ten teams were in a much more competitive conference where any team could beat anyone any night and the tough seasonal schedule will only help the Wolverines.

Now here comes the madness that’ll have you either laughing, cheering, or crying the upsets. Starting in the east region Liberty over Mississippi St. There’s always one team that flies so under the radar they shock everyone. Liberty outside of their own conference is not talked about as much as other schools but Mississippi dropped ten games already who’s to say we won’t see eleven Thursday? The next one depends on who wins Belmont/Temple. Maryland has ranged from world beaters to the worst of D1 if Temple wins there’s a good chance they’ll knock out the Terps.

The West has two games that are almost sure pick upsets. Ja Morant is expected to be the number two pick in the NBA draft and future NBA players usually rise to the occasion for the tournament ask Gordon Hayward or Stephen Curry. I believe the true upset is if we don’t see Murray St. in the sweet sixteen no big risk putting them past Marquette and Florida St. in your bracket. Never count Syracuse out the Orange have way of winning big games it’s unlikely but not impossible for the Orange to beat Gonzaga.

The south region has two possible upsets in Oregon the more likely to win to upset Wisconsin, and Cincinnati possibly beating Tennessee in what would be like a home game for the Bearcats. Wisconsin has the same problem as Maryland you don’t know what you’re gonna get Ethan Happ is phenomenal but isn’t enough to carry the Badgers.

The Midwest looks like the safest part of the bracket to pick the favorites the only upset worth looking at is if you believe Iowa St. can beat Houston. Utah St. has gotten a lot of hype but I don’t see them knocking off North Carolina.

The Elite Eight looks to be Duke vs Michigan St., Murray St. vs Michigan, Kansas St. vs Tennessee and Kansas vs Kentucky. Look for Duke vs Michigan and Tennessee vs Kentucky which would be rematch of the SEC conference title game.  In the final game the best prediction is Duke and Tennessee with Duke winning the whole thing. The Blue Devils have too much fire power with Williamson, Barrett and Reddish all expected to go in top 10 of the NBA draft. So get your brackets fill them out sit with some friends and enjoy the madness

Stephen Schenck


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