Updated: August 16, 2020

By: Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

Guess who's back by popular demand? I am really excited about the playoffs this year and I am ready for a couple upsets! I will walk you through these NBA Playoffs one series at a time and look to go undefeated in the first round. Like I said in the past, don't bet individual games but cash in on the series! This way you don't have to sweat out those Big point spreads. This has been my bread and butter for years. I know match up and that is what playoff basketball is all about. Oh yeah, and the Super Teams of course. Plus there are couple new teams in the playoffs this year. I do not expect any of them to win the title, but can any of them get out of the first round?

Not only am I giving out my picks, I also found the Best Odds Online for you to Bet them so no excuses! I would stay away from the Big Favorites and focus on the Underdogs and you will be alright!


This is how I see the 1st round and let's try to go perfect:


Eastern Conference


    1. Image result for milwaukee bucks logo      VS       8.Image result for orlando magic logo

What is there to say about this series except, one sided! First for the Magic, they still have Vucevic and he is an unstoppable force that should win them at least one game. They are still outmatched with Giannis the freak of nature! Not to mention a Well-Balanced team with depth and experience. Key guys like Middleton , Lopez, and Korver should put this team over the top and deep in the playoffs! Could the Magic steal more than a game? Sure, but I don't think so! This series won't be exciting, but it will be exciting to watch them make a run this year.

Prediction:  Bucks (-10000 SERIES ODDS) Win the series 4-1

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 2.  Image result for RAPTORS logo      VS       7. Image result for brooklyn nets logo

With Siakam and VanVleet really stepping it up and Lowry and Gasol fitting in nice, this team is here to defend their title! I like the way they play together. The Nets are without Durant and Irving and that would of put them over the top and win this series. Now we have to talk about the Nets team we have now. They share the ball nicely and Caris LeVert is a good young scorer, but they have little to no chance in this series. I do expect them to win a couple though.

Prediction: Raptors (-3000 SERIES ODDS) Win the series 4-2

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  3.      VS        6. Image result for 76ers logo

This is the best match up of the first round by far and this series could go either way. First off the Celtics have one of the most well balanced teams in the league. They match up well against just about anyone. They play defense and can score when needed. The 76ers were a Leonard miss away from reaching the NBA Finals and I thought a championship! I had them going all the way last year. No Butler will hurt them a little bit. But I am looking for value in the East and this is all I can see. The Celtics should win, but I cannot pass up these odds!

Prediction:  76ers (+340 SERIES ODDS) UPSET the series 4-3

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4.  Miami Heat - Wikipedia       VS         5. 

With their All-Star Oladipo out, they have to find other ways to score, which can be difficult for this team. They have one of the worst starting line up in the playoffs, but they have a solid bench that will keep them in a few games. The Miami Heat are solid favorites in this match up. They should dominate on both ends of the ball. Jimmy Butler can control the tempo here! Both benches are above average and that will keep some of these games closer than you think. In the end the Heats starting 5 will be too much for the Pacers to handle!

Prediction: Heat (-310 SERIES ODDS) Win the series 4-2

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Western Conference

1. File:Los Angeles Lakers logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons      VS        8.

This is not what LeBron wanted to see in the first round. He had his Grizzlies jersey on Saturday and hoping for the best. It didn't happen and the Lakers could be in for a long series. Lillard and company are ready to make history. He is the best pure shooter in the NBA right now and anything can happen when the ball is in his hands. I do think the Lakers have just enough to get past the Blazers here, but I would not be shocked if they did not! It will be a long and tiring playoff run for the Lakers and they could see Harden in the next round!

Prediction: Lakers (-500 SERIES ODDS) Win the series 4-2

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2.Image result for los angeles clippers logo       VS         7. Dallas Mavericks Grey Team Logo PopSocket - 2010007

I really like what the Clippers did this year and they have proven they can beat the Lakers. This match up is a bit tricky. Leonard will be the Best on the floor and maybe the Bets overall player in the league. They also have All-Star Paul George and a couple key PG's off the bench that can keep the petal to the metal. The Mavericks are no slouches either. They have All-Stars Doncic and Porzingis! Along with another solid bench. This is a good match up for them and I do think this will be the 2nd most exciting series. Just not enough to win 4 games!

Prediction: Clippers (-650 SERIES ODDS) Win the series 4-2

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3.Image result for denver nuggets logo         VS         6. Image result for utah jazz logo

I love betting the Nuggets the regular season. They can beat just about anyone! When it comes the the playoffs they are not built for a 7 game series. It is just something about them. The Jazz on the other hand are built for this and play better as the games go on. This will come down to coaching and Malone vs Snyder is as good as it gets when it comes to chess playing. I give a slight edge to Snyder and the Jazz here!

Prediction: Jazz (+190 SERIES ODDS) UPSET the series 4-2

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4.    VS        5.Image result for oklahoma city thunder logo

This Rockets team has a load of talent and I am surprised they have not won a title yet. Harden is from another planet and can score at will! Westbrook is learning to step back in the passengers seat. This is working out nicely, but they do still need to rely a little more on their bench if they want to go further than the first round! I am not to sure how Chris Paul lead this team here but he did!  Gallinari will be a key piece to this puzzle. If he has 4 great games they can upset. I just don’t see this happening and there is nobody else to step up!

Prediction: Rockets (-145 SERIES ODDS) Win the series 4-1

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