Updated: September 15, 2020


By: Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)

What an Eastern Conference thus far! Hats off to the Toronto Raptors, after doing what I did not think they could do. That is a hell of a team with a ton of heart. If they would of beat my Celtics, I would of been okay with it. Just a little less money in my wallet. Hehe. As for the Milwaukee Bucks, they did deserve to lose. I did not have them in the Championship anyways. I figured it would of been a battle of 7 games with the Heat. Man I was wrong. I wonder where Giannis is going to play next season? WHO CARES??? He is not proven anything in the playoffs, he cannot hit free throws, and he gives up to easily. I think he could of played game 5, but he knew they were overmatched. That's a Pu$$y to me! Should be a intertesting off season! Enough about that and let's focus on the Eastern Conference Championship game. I will have the Western Conference write up tomorrow. (Lakers vs ???)


Eastern Conference

3.     VS       4. Miami Heat - Wikipedia

This series will be like no other you have witnessed in the playoffs thus far! My championship prediction team the Boston Celtics are scrappy, fast, and can flatout shoot the ball! They share the ball the best in the NBA and that is a receipe for disaster for the opposition. They are as solid as any team in these playoffs. The Miami Heat have done what I thought they could do! This is another team that is very well balanced with a super strong bench. Both teams are evenly matched with a slight advantage to the Heat at the Center position. When the game is on the line the one player I want to have the ball, with the shot clock running down, is Jimmy "Buckets" Butler. This series can go either way, but in the end, I do believe the Miami Heat stun the world one more time. The difference in this series is a very athletic Bam Abebayo at the center position along with huge bench points from the Heat. I was wrong in crowning my Celtics in a major upset in 2020. I was figuring the Celtics would beat the Bucks or a tired Heat team after going 7 games with the Bucks. It unfortunately is the other way around. No Stoppong the Heat Now!

Prediction:  Heat (+120 SERIES ODDS) Win the series 4-3

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