Updated: January 6, 2020

By: Senior BSPT Expert from SleeperSelections.com

Anthony "Ace" Michael (@BsptSportsPicks)



This is the time of year I have been waiting for! It was a Wild Ride for some of these Playoff Teams. I will break down the Wild Card games and give you my winner vs the point spreads. Many experts say this round does not matter, but I beg to differ. There could very well be one or two teams in this round that could go ALL the Way! Keep in mind home teams record is nearly .500 this year with no fans! Remember there is only 1 bye team per conference this year and an extra playoff team. Which means there are 2 extra games for us!!! Below are the Best Odds I could find for you, but they won't last long. Click the bet Now button to see what sites are giving you the advantage. If you are not a member there yet, make sure to sign up for an instant bonus on us!




Here's what I figured out after hours and hours of research:



@ 1:05PM EST

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

The Bills have been impressive all year. Their offense and defense balance is the most consistent in the NFL right now. Josh Allen has silenced his doubters and I was one of them! The Bills can either run or pass and still be effective. I do beleive Stefon Diggs will be the key to a victory. So all the pressure will be on the Colts corners in this game. The Colts are at the top in turnover differential and that is the key to their success. We also have to remember that Philip Rivers has a losing record in the postseason. If the Colts can establish a running game this will let Rivers ease into stride and take a ton of pressure off, if not, they are doomed! I think the Bills will win, but the Colts will keep it close. Take the Points!

My Pick: Indianapolis Colts +7

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@ 4:40PM EST

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

I believe this could be one of the toughest game of the weekend. A good 'ol division rivalry in the playoffs. What more can you ask for? The Rams are the #1 Defense in the NFL, they can stop the run and the pass. Jared Goff's injury will be the key here, if the Seahawks can get enough pressure, it will be a long day. The Seahawks handled them pretty easily in week 16 and were able to score 20 points. This will not be enough to win here! I am sticking with momentum and Russell Wilson. The Seahawks won their last 4 games and their defense looked good. I am throwing out the stats here and starting fresh. I like playoff Pete Carroll in these situations and I also like that they are 1-1 against each other this year. It is hard to go 3-0 against anyone in the NFL. Give me the Seahawks to win by 7.

My Pick: Seattle Seahawks -3

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@ 8:15PM EST

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team

THANK YOU Tom Brady! The Buccaneers have not made in the playoffs in quite a long time! I guess one player does matter? Or did they go out and get another great offensive line for him? Who cares? We will see what playoff Brady brings to the table after a 1st round exit last season. The passing game will have to be on for the Bucs against the #2 defensive team against the pass in the league. The Bucs won their last 4 and lost by a field goal to the Chiefs and the Rams. I think they should be ready. This game is a lot more interesting than people think though. If the Football Team can keep the Bucs in the 20's I do believe they have a chance of a major upset here! I have seen them have a couple major upsets this season and this one would be no different. In the end, they will need to establish a running game to open up the passing for Alex Smith. He is an accurate QB that is flying under the radar right now. Give me the points here!

 My Pick: Washington Football Team +9

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@ 1:05PM EST

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

This one should be the best game on Sunday! This is a revenge match up that I cannot wait to see how it unfolds. The Ravens are the hottest team in the NFL right now and they are outscoring everybody. They have not seen a team as talented as the Titans in awhile. Their defense is getting better each and every game. It will have to be against King Henry and the Titans! I really like what Jackson is doing and it should be fun to watch. The Titans on the other hand are running over just about everyone. They are to one dimensional to go far in the playoffs unless Tanny can do what he did last year at this time. I do think this is a great match up for the Ravens and I would be shocked to see them lose again!

My Pick: Baltimore Ravens -3

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@ 4:40PM EST

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints

WOW! Am I really saying the Bears? This team had one of the best winning streaks and losing steaks in the NFL! They did win meaningful games down the stretch to make this happen. Except for Green Bay loss last week. They have seemed to turn it around and at the right time. If we see good Mitch and not Bad Mitch they have enough talent on both sides of the ball for a major upset! Drew Brees is ready with a banged up offense. The  defense looks solid though. One thing I know for sure is the Saints know how to lose BIG playoff games and this would be the Biggest loss of all. I think it will be a lot closer than people think. Give me Da Bears and the points!

My Pick: Chicago Bears +10.5

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@ 8:15PM EST

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Browns are in and it will be a lot of pressure on Mayfield I believe. They almost blew the game last week against a 2nd string Steelers team. I do expect them to show more, but their defense is going to have to step up to win this game! A well rested Big Ben and the smartest coach in Tomlin will have a game plan ready for this match up. This would be my Best Bet of the Weekend as I cannot see the Steelers losing here. They did have a string of losses that I do believe  they have learned from. They were impressive with a come from behind victory to earn a playoff spot vs the Colts. This defense is not ranked #3 in the league for nothing and Baker will have to have the Best Game of this career to win this one. I don't think so! Take the Steelers at -4 if you can still get it! They should win by double digits though!

My Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers -4

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Good luck in the Wild Card round and I hope you CASH IN of these Picks.

See you with next weeks winners!

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