Updated: August 14, 2021

Pick 5 Games Against The Spread Each Week | Score The Most Points And Win $125,000!

The Top 500 Scores Win Prizes

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  • Pick 5 games against the spread (ATS) each week.
  • Your weekly score ATS is calculated.
  • Score the most points at the end of the season and win $125,000!

The Supercontest runs all season long. Here are the important dates to remember:

  • Purchase Entries: Monday, August 8th, 2022
  • Make Picks: Monday, August 8th, 2022
  • Last Day to Enter: December 4th, 2022
  • Contest Ends: Sunday, January 8th, 2023

Weekly picks must be submitted five minutes before games lock.


Receive a Free Entry with every purchase of two or more entries. Free Entries are included in the total number of entries you can have. This promotion is only valid until August 31st, 2022.


You get four additional chances to cash in on top of your season-long total. Every four weeks, the player that scores the most points wins!

  • Week 1 – Week 4: Win $10,000
  • Week 5 – Week 8: Win $12,500
  • Week 9 – Week 12: Win $15,000
  • Week 13 – Week 16: Win $17,500
  • Correct Pick ATS: 1 point
  • Push: 0.5 points
  • All Other Outcomes: 0 points

The most points you can score in a week is 5.

The most points you can score in a season is 90.


Each entry costs $20. Only real cash funds will be accepted. No Free Play.


You can have up to 10 entries in play.


The top 500 scores win Cash Prizes.



Place Prize
1st $125,000
2nd $22,500
3rd $10,000
4th $7,500
5th $5,000
6th $4,500
7th $4,000
8th $3,500
9th $3,000
10th $2,500
11th to 15th $2,000
16th to 20th $1,500
21th to 30th $1,000
31st to 40th $800



Survivor Contest

$10K Survivor Contest

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General rules 

  1. The XBet $10K Survivor Pool begins Week 1 of the 2022 NFL regular season.
  2. Each week, contestants must select one team to win their game outright. Point spreads are irrelevant.
  3. If the selected team wins, the entry remains alive and the contestant selects a team for the following week.
  4. If the selected team loses or ties, the contestant entry is eliminated.
  5. Once a team is selected for a week, that team is not available for selection for the remainder of the contest.
  6. The contestant(s) that selects winning teams the longest, without selecting a losing team, is the $10K Survivor Pool winner.
  7. The contest ends Week 18 of the 2022 NFL season, or when only one contestant is remaining; whichever comes first. i.e.: If four contestants remain in Week 14 and three contestants select losing teams, the remaining contestant is declared the winner.
  8. If the contest ends with no survivors, the contestants with live entries heading into the final week of the contest will split the $10,000 prize. i.e.: If two contestants remain in Week 14 and both select losing teams, those contestants will split the prize pool.
  9. If multiple contestants remain alive after Week 18, they will split the $10,000 evenly.
  10. If a game is cancelled or postponed for any reason and the game is not played before the following Wednesday, both teams scheduled to play in that game will be graded as losers. If you selected either of those teams you will be eliminated from the contest; however, your buy-in will be refunded.
  11. XBet reserves the right to modify this contest at any time. 

Contest Registration

  1. To register for the XBet $10K Survivor Pool, members must be logged into their account and have sufficient funds to purchase entries.
  2. The Entry fee for the XBet $10K Survivor Pool is $10.
  3. You may purchase as many as 10 entries. Funds will be deducted directly from your XBet account.
  4. Free Entries are included in the total number of entries you may have. Example: 9 paid entries + 1 free entry = maximum of 10 entries.
  5. If you qualify to receive a Free Entry, you can still purchase additional entries so long as you do not exceed the maximum of 10 entries per player.
  6. All purchases are final. There are NO refunds. Make sure you double-check your purchase before you confirm the transaction.
  7. Bonus funds cannot be used to purchase entries.
  8. All purchases are final. Please review the number of entries selected before submitting your purchase. Contest closes Monday, September 12th, 2022, at 8:00 PM ET.
  9. Once you have correctly entered your Username and Password, you will be prompted to create a contest nickname; unless you already have one. You will be identified by this nickname in the Survivor Pool and other contests, not by your Username.
  10. If you purchase multiple entries, you will have the same nickname for each. However, next to your nickname will be a number in brackets to represent the number of entries you purchased. A number will be assigned to each entry.
  11. When creating a nickname, you are prohibited from using any inappropriate words that may be offensive to others. If you use offensive words, you run the risk of not being allowed to participate in this or any future contests. Also, your entry fee will not be refunded.
  12. From Week 2 forward, each game will lock five minutes before its associated kick-off time.
  13. If you do not select a team by Monday, September 12th ,2022, at 8:00 PM ET, your entry will be eliminated from the contest.
  14. If you wish to select a team that plays either Thursday or Saturday, you must select that team no later than five minutes before the scheduled start of the game.
  15. If for any reason the NFL season is postponed, contest entries will also be postponed until games resume.
  16. If the NFL season is cancelled, Survivor prizes will be awarded to the remaining survivors. No refunds will be awarded.

Making your picks

  1. To make your weekly pick, load the appropriate contest entry, and check the box of the team you wish to select.
  2. Each game locks five minutes before its associated kick-off time.
  3. Once a pick is made, the selection may be changed up until the game locks. At this time, the selection is confirmed and may not be changed.
  4. Contestants must submit picks for the current contest week before 8:00 PM ET on Monday night.
  5. If a contestant does not select a team by this time, the entry will be graded as a loss and eliminated from the contest.
  6. If a team is not available for selection this indicates the game has already locked, the team has been selected in a previous week, or the team is on a ‘Bye’ week.
  7. If there is a ‘W3’ next to a team, this indicates you used this team Week 3. ‘W4’ indicates you used this team Week 4 and so on.
  8. Once your pick has been submitted, a confirmation will appear on your screen informing you that your entry was submitted successfully.
  9. If you still have additional entries open, keep repeating the procedure until you have submitted your picks for each one.
  10. Selecting an entry will automatically load the matchups for the current NFL week.

$10,000 Prize

  1. The XBet $10K Survivor Contest is a Winner-Take-All contest.
  2. If multiple contestants remain alive after Week 18, they will split the $10,000 prize evenly.
  3. The $10,000 is awarded as cash.
  4. Once a winner(s) is determined, prize money will be deposited into the winner’s account(s) within 48 hours.

Leaderboard page

  1. On this page, you will find a list of all entries in the contest.
  2. Next to each entry you will find the team that was selected for every week.
  3. If a team is shown with a green check beside it, this represents that the team won their game that specific week. If the team is shown with a red ‘x’ beside it, this represents the team either tied or lost their game. If a large ‘X’ appears in a box, this indicates the entry is eliminated and/or no pick was submitted.
  4. By clicking on a nickname, you will be able to see which teams are still available for that entry.
  5. Above the list of entries is the up to date statistics for the contest. ‘Players’ represents the number of original entries. ‘Eliminated’ represents the total number of entries that have been eliminated. ‘Survivors’ represents the number of entries that are still alive and eligible to make-a-selection.

Matchup info and reminder emails

  1. The Matchup Info is designed to help you make your picks and the Set Reminders feature makes sure you don’t forget to make your picks.
  2. Click the Matchup Info button to review statistics for each of the week’s matchups. Clicking anywhere outside the matchup dropdown will take you back to the Submit Picks page.
  3. Click the Set Reminders button to choose your email reminder options. Check an option and click the submit button to receive the corresponding reminder email. Leave boxes unchecked if you do not wish to receive reminders. Clicking anywhere outside the reminder dropdown will take you back to the Submit Picks page.
  4. You will only receive emails if you have entries pending.
  5. Reminder email options may be accessed and updated at any time.

 General Terms

  1. All XBet.ag House Rules apply to this contest unless otherwise stipulated in these rules.
  2. XBet.ag reserves the right to cancel this contest or refuse to accept any registration or wager if the same could violate any federal, state, or county law, ordinance, or regulation. Furthermore, XBet may cancel the contest in the event of technical difficulties or other occurrences beyond the control of XBet.
  3. Entry fees will not be refunded for reasons other than the cancellation of the XBet Survivor Contest
  4. For contest purposes, all games are action despite a location change. In the event of a game cancellation or postponement, the game must be played by Tuesday of the following week to be applied toward contest standings or the contestant will be awarded zero points for that game.
  5. Employees, as well as family and household members of XBet employees, may not participate in the XBet Survivor Contest.
  6. All contestants agree to grant XBet.ag unconditional use of their name and likeness for promotion as/advertising and announcements without compensation, consideration, notice review, or consent.
  7. All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules, eligibility, etc. for this contest lie solely with XBet.ag whose decisions are final.
  8. XBet.ag may disqualify any person for any prize based upon the belief of the possible commission of fraud, dishonesty, violation of contest rules, or other misconduct whether or not related to this contest.
  9. A copy of these rules and any changes will be available at XBet.ag/SurvivorContest throughout the duration of this contest. By registering for the contest, all contestants agree to these rules and any updates to this rule set.

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