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Best Sports Picks Today

We here at Best Sports Picks Today not only have a few of the Best working for us, we also have most of the Best in the Nation working with us to get you HIGH Quality picks for FREE. We hand picked most of the experts on here and a few contacted us and wanted to join. We just don't sign anyone, they have to either be well established or a newcomer we follow for a bit and are impressed. When we like what we see we ask them to join. These experts definitely give you an advantage. I see people losing millions everyday with their high priced investor in the stock market. Why not try some of these guys. They are some of the Best you're going to find. We also have a service here at Best Sports Picks Today, one of the Most valuable and trusted around just like a lot of these experts on here. We run FREE contests for ALL major sports and thanks to some of the experts, they sponsor Free Prizes and Service. Our weekly top 5 will win a lot for you. Good Luck and thanks for giving us a try.  Tee



Sleeper Selections

A few of the Chicago Guys that followed Pro Sports their entire life, Specializes in NBA. One of the Best at NBA trends and great with upset winners! We are also no stranger to NFL and MLB, hitting BEST BET plays regularly. We are not one of these guys that just picks a game to pick at least one a day. Will wait to give you the edge. If you are patient and want to invest in the long run I am what your looking for. If you want to play 10 games a day and stress over it with no sleep, find someone else. We look for certain things when we make a play and if they hit at least 7 out of 10 on my trend system its a great play. If none of them hit 7 out of 10 on any given day we don't mind passing it up. NBA will have plays daily because it is easy for us to figure out, especially after all-star break when we hit our HIGHEST percentage of all. Example of a trend might be a star player on back to back games in a BIG city might want to party a little, which causes him to not perform as well as he can! We follow everything for you. We want you to win as often as you can! We don't give out my secrets, but who cares if you are winning! Remember one thing, its not suppose to be fun, if your having fun its not an investment! We have five Experts that works for Sleeper Selections and our NBA knowledge is second to none!



Tommy King Wins

TKwins is one of the most successful and respected handicapping services in the country. It was founded in early 1994 by Tommy "TK" King as a source to provide winning sports gaming information. Throughout the years his knowledge and expertise have created one of the most successful handicapping systems in the world. And his 20+ year track record assures success for you now and in the future.



Up and Up Sports

We're a team of handicappers with over 40 years combined wagering experience producing confident consensus winners for you!

-It's all about the long term!  It's nice to hit the big ones but hot streaks come and go.  Stay the course and watch your money grow!  Stop chasing the hot hand and go with steady growth.

-We don't do write-ups.  We don't post betting slips.  We don't make hype videos or hype claims.  We just make money long-term.

-We'll tell you when we're hot and we'll tell you when we're not.  We won't disappear or change business names.  We've been in it for the long haul for ourselves and now we're in it for the long haul for you!

The Only Way To Win Is To Get Started Today



Midwest Capper

What are we dedicated to? Making you money with our sports handicapping services. Other sports handicappers may tell you they have the lock of the century or some piece of golden information they found out from their buddy who knows a guy who sold the sports equipment to a little league team in Green Bay, but we don’t do sports handicapping that way – no sir, we do it right. We analyze all sports and make informed decisions based on our years of sports handicapping. When we release a lock it is just that, a LOCK!

With numerous independently documented winning seasons in NBA, NCAAB, NFL, NCAAF and MLB, MidwestCapper has brought an offline handicapper to the online world. specializes in providing winning picks on sports; including NFL, MLB, NBA, and College Football and Basketball winners. At you receive sports betting picks that are quality and thoroughly researched, from some of the most successful and well respected handicappers/sports bettors on the Internet. Our specialties include College Football Picks, NFL Picks, MLB Picks and College Basketball Picks. If you are looking to increase your winning percentage while sports gambling, look no further as MWC can have you stuffing your wallet come seasons end!



Vegas Wiseguy Plays

Welcome to Vegas Wiseguy Plays!

You Will Get 1 Top Wiseguy Play Per Day Everyday. We Only Play Top Plays when we have the upmost advantage over the books.  We will give You The Best Game On The Board Everyday. Start Playing with Great Money Management & Discipline and Stop Gambling. Start INVESTING. You Will Win On Average 60%-70% of your Wagers with us. We Want Serious Sports Investors Who Have The Discipline and Money Management Skills Required To Succeed in this Industry.

Here you will find our hot releases for NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and MLB Baseball! You will get ONE (1) Top Play Per Day Everyday. We know what's moving, when to get in and when to get out. Vegas Wiseguy Plays delivers real winners based on hard work and having Sharp Contacts in the Industry and time spent studying the numbers. We cover all major sports and have packages available at bargain prices!



5 Star Baller

Welcome to 5 Star Baller!

It only takes one play per day to beat the books and make money betting on sports. You Will Get One Top 5 Star Play Per Day Everyday. We Only Play Top Plays that are Worthy of a 5 Star rating. If a play isn't worthy of a 5 Star release then why would we release it to our clients? We will give You The Best Game On The Board Everyday. Start Playing with Great Money Management & Discipline and Stop Gambling. Start INVESTING. You Will Win On Average 60%-70% of your Wagers with us. We Want Serious Sports Investors Who Have The Discipline and Money Management Skills Required To Succeed in this Industry.

Here you will find our hot releases for NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and MLB Baseball! You will get ONE (1) Top 5 Star Play Per Day Everyday. We know what's moving, when to get in and when to get out. 5 Star Baller delivers real winners based on hard work and time spent studying the numbers. We cover all major sports and have packages available at affordable prices to fit any budget.



Capper Advantage

Here you will find our hot releases for NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, and MLB Baseball! You will get ONE (1) to THREE (3) Top Quality Plays Per Day. We know what's moving, when to get in and when to get out. What you won't find here are claims about unachievable winning percentages and "locks of a lifetime". Capper Advantage delivers real winners day in and day out based on having Important Contacts in the Industry, hard work and time spent studying the numbers. We cover all major sports and have packages available at affordable prices!

Our subscription packages are very affordable and will help you to finally start making real money in the sports betting business. We do all the number crunching - all you have to do is win.

It is our goal to supply a service to our clients that takes all of the work and worry away and allows he or she to have a life, make some serious money and enjoy sports betting the way it should be enjoyed. We believe in one-on-one service with one goal in mind: Making you Money. Using Capper Advantage is like having your own personal stock broker, only our area of expertise is Sports Handicapping.

Our picks are available early in the morning so this gives you the convenience to get the best lines before they make their big moves. Plus you get EVERY pick in EVERY sport for any access plan you purchase.



JD Sports Authorities

At JD Sports Authorities we provide something that few other sports services can not: Consistency. This consistency comes from years of experience and hours spent studying the numbers. We find the games where the sportsbooks and your bookie miss the line! Utilizing this method, and our contacts in the sporting world, we deliver a solid product that has consistently won in the past. With our premium access plans you will not only get the plays we put our money on, but also a detailed analysis of the game at hand. You will get ONE to THREE  Top Quality Plays Per Day. All this, delivered day in and day out!

You'll find our prices are extremely affordable for the quality service you receive and you will see that our business is customer oriented. Thank you for choosing JD Sports Authorites and we are sure you will enjoy our service here at JD Sports Authorities.



Total Winner Sports

Which is better?... The answer is neither!

The key to long term profits in sports betting is finding the middle point between quantity and quality.

Below I will show you the difference between quantity, quality and finding the middle point. The example below will show you the profits from different amounts of games and different winning percentages.

Quality: Let's say you wager 1 game per day for a year and you hit 62%, you would finish the year 226-139. Assuming we are Wagering $110 to win $100, you will make a profit of $7,310 in one year.

Quantity: Let's say you wager 5 games per day for a year and you hit 54%, you would finish the year 985-840. Again assuming we are Wagering $110 to win $100, you will make a profit of  $6,100 in one year.

Now that you have seen the difference between quantity and quality, take a look at the results if you are able to find the middle point.

Let's say you wager 3 (middle of 1 and 5) games per day for a year and you hit 58% (middle of 54% and 62%), you would finish the year 635-460. Once again assuming we are Wagering $110 to win $100, you will make a profit of $12,900 in one year, that is basically double the profit.

Believe it or not, very few sports bettors are aware of this theory. Either they are throwing money at too many games or they are taking too few games to have a higher winning percentage, but a higher winning percentage does not mean a higher profit.

Finding the middle point is the key to making money in sports betting.



First Half Sports

You Will Get 1 Top Play Per Day Everyday. We Only Play Top Plays when we have the upmost advantage over the books.  We will give you The Best Game On The Board. Start Playing with Great Money Management & Discipline and Stop Gambling. Start INVESTING. You Will Win On Average 60%-70% of your Wagers with us. We Want Serious Sports Investors Who Have The Discipline and Money Management Skills Required To Succeed in this Industry.

Here you will find our hot releases for NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and MLB Baseball! You will get ONE (1) Top Play Per Day Everyday. We know what's moving, when to get in and when to get out. First Half Sports delivers real winners based on hard work and time spent studying the numbers. We cover all major sports and have packages available at bargain prices!



Best Sports Capper

Here at Best Sports Capper you will find our hot releases for NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, and MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey! You will get ONE (1) to THREE (3) Top Quality Plays Per Day. We know what's moving, when to get in and when to get out. Best Sports Capper delivers real winners day in and day out based on hard work and time spent studying the numbers. We cover all major sports and have packages available at bargain prices!



Pinnacle Sports Picks

It is our goal to supply a service to our clients that takes all of the work and worry away and allows he or she to have a life, make some serious money and enjoy sports betting the way it should be enjoyed. We believe in one-on-one service with one goal in mind: Making you Money. Using Pinnacle Sports Picks is like having your own personal stock broker, only our area of expertise is Sports Handicapping.



MVP Lock Club

Here at MVP Lock Club you will find our hot releases for NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, and MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey! You will get ONE (1) to THREE (3) Top Quality Plays Per Day. We know what's moving, when to get in and when to get out. MVP Lock Club delivers real winners day in and day out based on hard work and time spent studying the numbers. We cover all major sports and have packages available at bargain prices!



Picks 2 Play

At we provide something that few other sports services can not: Consistency. This consistency comes from years of experience and hours spent studying the numbers. We find the games where the sportsbooks and your bookie miss the line! Utilizing this method, and our contacts in the sporting world, we deliver a solid product that has consistently won in the past. With our premium access plans you will not only get the plays we put our money on, but also a detailed analysis of the game at hand. All this, delivered day in and day out!

You'll find our prices are extremely affordable for the quality service you receive and you will see that our business is customer oriented. Thanks for choosing and we are sure you will enjoy our service.



Wise Guy Insider

At Wise Guy Insider we provide something that few other sports services can not: Consistency. This consistency comes from years of experience and hours spent studying the numbers. We find the games where the sportsbooks and your bookie miss the line! Utilizing this method, and our contacts in the sporting world, we deliver a solid product that has consistently won in the past. With our premium access plans you will not only get the plays we put our money on, but also a detailed analysis of the game at hand. All this, delivered day in and day out!

You'll find our prices are extremely affordable for the quality service you receive and you will see that our business is customer oriented. Thanks for choosing Wise Guy Insider and we are sure you will enjoy our services.



VIP Sports Lock Club

Two Words people: Patience and Discipline.

1 Game a Day. 1 Unit a Game.

If you are patient and disciplined, you can and will make money.

If you are Looking for 20-25 games a week then we ARE NOT your service. We release 1 Play Per Day. If you want to be in the 5% of  Sports Bettors that Wins year in and year out then We ARE your service because our numbers and results prove that we are winners.

Money Management

The games released are 1 unit games. 1 unit  is how we rate our games.

Using our unit rating system, you will decide what your unit rating is worth. For illustration purposes we use $100 per unit as an example. We release and rate our picks based on a 1 unit rating system.

So if you are betting $100 per Unit you would bet $100 (or $110 to win $100 on a 1 Unit Play).

This "unit" sports betting system is the key to your success - but you must stay disciplined. Discipline is critical in sports betting because wins and losses often occur in streaks. The problem is that many bettors get too aggressive during a hot streak and become too panicked during a cold streak. Streaks do not last forever, so stay consistent with your bankroll and NEVER chase your losses. If you stay disciplined you will enjoy success with VIP Sports Lock Club.



World Elite Syndicate

We are a Group of Sports Specialists & Advisers, each one of us with over 25 years of experience and we sure know how to pick'em!

NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, even World SOCCER too, 24/7/365!

Catering to the Higher Rolling ELITE player we let our results speak for themselves. 

What started out as a hobby has become something much bigger and that passion & knowledge gave us the confidence to become the #1 source for all your sports betting needs. We have the vision, focus & expertise that's required for both short & long term success. Our goal is to create trust, rapport and great service that is unlike anyone else in the business. We compile complex sports analytics & data into one basket in order to make life for our sports investors much easier. Our Motto is " your success is our success". With World Elite Syndicate, you have found a comfortable home if you eat, drink, dream, breathe and live sports. As a sports committee that deals with all major North American sports and World Wide Soccer we have experts in every field making us a well balanced, structured organization. All you have to do is take the time to sit back, relax and let us make your capital grow more than you ever fathomed possible...

With World Elite Syndicate, we know that our vocation is the Sports Handicapping Industry so we take our profession very seriously by helping those who don't have the time to analyze every single game in every sport, we're here to solve the puzzle of strategic decisions. You work hard for your money so it should be invested wisely, especially for long term profit and as your consultants and advisers rest assured that you're in the best of hands. Of course no one can claim to be an expert for every professional sports leagues so it's best when each is assigned with what they know best.

To prove our worth we showed our daily results absolutely FREE on Twitter from Aug 1rst/2015 to Jan. 31rst/2016, a full 6 months, something not many if any others in the industry would dare and we did it with flying colors to top it all off, results that shocked the world and quickly made us a mainstream name. We have a full detailed "Records" page that will show you that we not only talk the talk but most importantly walk the walk. Of course, not all games can be won, not even every one of our top VIP's will win but your return on investment over the longer term will be unprecedented from anything you've experienced before, that for sure we can GUARANTEE!

We believe that patience, vision and foresight are the main ingredients to be a successful sports investor. Nothing comes quickly and being impulsive with no guidance will make your bankroll vanish quicker than a 100 meter dash by Usain Bolt. Remember sports investing isn't a rat race, instead it's a marathon of consistent winning which is key to long term success. Our Specialists are here to show you the way to making that happen. World Elite Syndicate has no gimmicks, just pure professionalism and as mentioned above we're available all year long night and day! We take pride in communication which is the key to establish great rapport with our clients.

Now, who's next to join our hall of fame of customer satisfaction!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Let's create a synergy that will last for years if not decades to come.

@WorldEliteSyn &



Diy Sports Betting Systems

Sam Oconnel -- I have been an avid sports fan and bettor for as long as I can remember, but didn't achieve betting success until about three years ago. Since then, consistent winning has been the expectation and result. After extensive testing by friends and others, I released the NBA. NFL, and MLB systems I used and created the DIY Sports Betting web site to share them with other who may be struggling. Winning takes conservative, consistent betting practices and intelligent application of the available information, and that is what I strive to teach and base my picks on.



Full Deposit Refund

FDR has over 25 years of histories of the best of the best and the worst of the worst handicappers in America. Our selections provided to our subscribers are based on these records combined with streaks (both good and bad) of these cappers or teams themselves! We handicap all major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, Nascar and PGA Golf! Our daily selections are only $15, we also offer weekly ($100) and monthly ($300) packages. As our system is infallible (never lost in 25 years), we also offer an annual package which is fully guaranteed. Simply, you do not profit, you do not pay! NO silly scams of more selections if you do not win, simply your money back! Visit us now at to prosper throughout the remainder of 2011!




Sean Higgs

Sean Higgs has been crushing 'The Man' since the early '90s. If you are trying to beat the sportsbooks with stats, trends, and angles you are not going to have a lot of success if you do not know how to apply them. That is Sean Higgs' specialty. If you follow Sean's advice by playing his selections you are going to find yourself making a decent second income from gambling.




All Plays Win

All Plays Win is always available to you. Please feel free to email or call during our business hours. One of our representatives will reach you within a few hours at all times. We take customer service very seriously. Customer satisfaction guaranteed is our promise. If you have an issue, let us know and we will handle it in a timely matter. All Plays Win has been around for over 5 years, why? Because we care and we WIN! Our goal for every client is make them a profit and help them reach financial goals they never thought they could reach. Give us a chance to prove that to you Here, our handicappers are still very serious players that have came together to become the best collection of sports handicapping talent in the business today. Our handicappers use a system that blends sound money management techniques, a keen understanding of risk management and solid statistical analysis. We utilize a solid long-term strategy for success that relies on gambling fundamentals. When it comes to inside information, sports handicapping trends, angles, game plans, weather, travel and motivation in all the major sports, there is no one that can match our skills. We research all games in a tireless effort to gather relevant details that may affect the outcome of each game. When we find matchups we like, they are analyzed with great precision before we put them out. Over the years, we’ve developed a great number of contacts in the sports industry — trainers, coaches, officials, former players, bookies, and athletes. We try to speak with all these sources to try and find the edge in various matchups. We’ve also developed a “feel” for the game, meaning we have the ability to process all the information that comes in each week, then sort out what’s important and what’s not – factor in the injuries, coaching match-ups, weather, scheduling, all kinds of other information, and develop picks that gives our Clients the best chance of winning. We’ve all worked very hard since pooling our handicapping talents and have developed a reputation as being one of the top sports handicapping services in the industry today. We treat all our customers with respect and don’t lie about our record — always preaching to never risk money you can’t afford to lose! Also, we don’t win every game or win every day. Indeed, we will have a losing week every once in awhile, that’s the nature of the sports handicapping business and anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling all the facts. What All Plays Win will do for you is give you between 55% and 70% winners in all major sports — extremely respectable and profitable numbers. At APW we have been making money for all of our clients from day one. When you buy our services, you get all of our handicappers picks. No one handicapper is better than a team, especially the team we have put together. We can afford to give you a low price because we know that if you give us a try, you will be a loyal customer for life and we will bend over backwards to help you. Look no further for your long-term handicapper.



Cappers Jungle

CappersJungle.Com is a group of handicappers that handicaps sports such as NHL, NFL, MLB and our best sport NCAA. We hit the internet in 2009 and have consistently made profit for our clients. We are a monitored by both CappersWatchDog and ProSportsMonitor to ensure our plays are 100% legit. Our average bets for our clients is between $50 to $100 with our daily packages starting at $9.99. CappersJungle.Com also offers a forum at their site where users can interact and discuss line movement and what plays they are playing.



Ask The Bookie

Ask The Bookie is the leading source for sports news, sportsbook reviews, game previews, sports betting odds, free picks and more.

I'm a sports writer, sports statistician and handicapper from Costa Rica. I work on, my favorite sports are baseball, basketball, football, soccer and boxing. I have a university degree in journalism and I played soccer and baseball in high school. My hobbies are playing video games, reading comic books and manga and collecting action figures and I'm studying accounting.

 Eduardo Solano



Pro Pick Nick

I guess I’ll start by saying that I gamble, and have been placing wagers for as long as I can remember. As a young boy, I would bet NFL Point-Spreads with a childhood influence. Between the ages of ten to twelve, I started to place wagers with a local (and legal) form of sports betting called Pro-Line. See, it’s legal to place sports wagering in Canada (three team minimum parlay). Not at the age of twelve, of course, but I think you catch my drift. I owe a lot of my success in dominating Pro-Line for many years to my father, who showed me the ropes in NHL, NFL and MLB wagering.
I can honestly say that I’ve been a hustler all of my life. Over the years I continued to make selections, and made them often. When I was 19, I slammed into the local casino and a new lifestyle was born; a lifestyle of degenerate gambling. Long days of sweating at the roulette table, to throwing bones while half in the bag. I learned so much, but almost all of the time things were learned the hard way. I would then live on the gaming floor for the next eight years, always chasing chips with a stack of tickets in my pocket. I lived and was often cut by the sword.
Now I’m at the point in my life where I have not been in the casino, but instead I have been working as a sports handicapper, thinking "what’s next?" I have delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in winners in my lifetime from pools to parlays. I have helped so many of you feel the rush of the big payday. It’s that feeling we all chase together in a constant effort to drop bombs on the bookie. Units are what we want, and we want them now. The time to dominate is now!

On April 5th, 2011 I made a decision: I must do what is right for myself, my family, and you, the PPN Nation. That is to set the pro standard beyond expectations and be as pro as I can be. The bottom line is that I want to make money, and not play with it. I’ll treat my units like they should be treated: with respect, and do whatever it takes to keep them safe. We all know how hard it is to make units, and how easy it is to lose them.

So grow up! Stop risking your money, and instead invest it into a system that works best for you. It takes money to make money, so treat your bankroll as if it’s your last. If you think you will get rich overnight, you’re dead wrong. But if you follow some simple rules, you may be lucky enough to make some decent coin, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You have my word: I will only post the strongest of selections, and deliver you a quality (and free) service that helps you dominate the sports book. MAKE THE PLAY!



The Las Vegas Gamers

We're better, because we're different... Unlike other handicapping services who offer the opinion of a single handicapper, we are a collaborative group of handicapping experts. Also, we have a group of pro athletes who will post individual picks during the season alongside the Gamers. Darren "Dutch" Daulton has signed with the Gamers to be a personality and the gate keeper to the pro athletes. Stay tuned on Gamers TV. Everyone who signs up gets the best picks of the day.

John Edmonds Kozma founder who is a Film and TV producer got into the industry with No. 1 handicapper Brandon Lang.



Sports Goombahs

Back in 2006 Cashy the King and Mikey the Wop formed the
Mikey is a legendary South Philly, good fellow. Cashy was just a guy who knows sports and can talk it for hours upon hours. Like two chemist they put together a formula that produce income for them and their crew. What sets us above the rest is not the fact after five full years we managed a 65% winning track record, but we give it all away for free. Make no mistake we put just as much work into our selections as any other handicapper in America. We enjoy the recognition and we make some nice extra cash. We do except tips. Those who do kick up to us will always get free selections when and if we start charging.



Insiders Sports Report

When you deal with Insider Sports Report, you are dealing with the service that gets the best information from the top sources in the industry. Everyday our team of handicappers talk with top sports reporters, team insiders, vegas and offshore sportsbook directors, vegas oddsmakers, sports radio and TV personalities, top professional sports betting syndicates, sharp bettors, and more. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering the very best information that money can and can't buy! With over 100 years of combined handicapping experience under our belt, and numerous handicapping accolades and championships to fall back on, Insider Sports Report is the one and only sports service you will ever need.



Betropolitan Sports

The purpose of this site is to both give you the best sports gambling information through our daily email service, but also get right to the point with the picks that every sports gambler out there wants each and every night of the week through many different platforms.

Evan Abrams Sports Picks
Specialties: NFL/CFB/MLB/NBA/CBB
Years Handicapping: 8

Biggest Win This Year: When I think of my biggest victory in my handicapping career, picking the Giants to beat the Patriots outright in the Super Bowl has to be at the top of the list, but my biggest win so far this season had to have been my 10 unit play on the money line of Hawaii to beat Nevada outright in the middle of October as a 7-point underdog. I have played on and against Hawaii in a lot of games so far this season, the reason for this is because I see a ton of value in the way they play the game. For example, in the game versus Boise State, the value was against Hawaii, but like in the game I just mentioned, Hawaii was playing at home, which is usually a huge advantage for them and they ended up winning the game outright.
Sports Handicapping Philosophy: For me, it comes down to formulas, statistics and tons of research. Picking games is how I make a living, so you when you follow my plays you know you get picks each and every time that has gone through tons and tons of filters and research to make sure you, my client, gets the percentages put in your favor. Before a line comes out for any sporting event, both sides have a fifty-fifty chance of winning the game; my job is to make sure once the line comes out, all of my clients get a better than 50% chance of taking advantage of a certain spread or total. My expert plays come from many different facets of the game and that is what differentiates me from other sports handicappers.
Follow me on Twitter for special promotions, more free plays and all the up to date injury and sports gambling information.
I email all of my clients the Top Plays and Leans every night along with any information and injury news that are prevalent to the sports betting industry. To get on the mailing list and receive the games as soon as I take them myself, sign up for my package for just $99 a month



Power Play Wins

If you've been looking for a Sports Handicapping Service that will deliver you consistent winners in every major sport day in and day out then Power Play Wins is the Service for you.

Just imagine getting your picks everyday, playing those picks with confidence, and finally getting to know what it's like to play like the professionals do. Best of all you don't have to worry about trying to pick the winners yourself, you simply enjoy the games and collect the winnings! We will walk you through every step of the way, including the use of our EXCLUSIVE Money Management System. And because everything is done through the internet you never have to be bothered by any high-pressure sales over the telephone. We will not try to make you pay extra for a ridiculous "Lock Of A Lifetime". When you purchase our Service you get ALL of our plays.
When you try our Service you will see that we are the VERY BEST! That is why so many of our current Clients continually renew their memberships. So, give us a try, with this much Service and these unbeatable prices, you can't go wrong!!

So, make today the day you turn your success over to a proven professional service that will deliver you the winners you've been looking for...a service that gives you the peace of mind in knowing that the picks you are playing are 100% GUARANTEED! Make today the day you choose Power Play Wins.
If you use our plays EVERYDAY and follow our money management system, you WILL make money. Be patient, sports investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But, if done properly it will grant you a steady source of income for as long as you decide to use our System.



SportsLineOddsPointSpread is an Internet home of professional information for sports gaming investors. We are dedicated to providing their clients with ideal investment opportunities and intelligent recommendations for financial success in the sports gaming world(staff has over 20yrs.exp).




Tony Diamond

For 20 years, Tony Diamond has been recognized as one of the most respected and innovative sport betting advisors in the world. In 1991 he founded the Las Vegas Sports Handicappers Workshop, where he has taught the art and science of sport betting to thousands of attendees and has taught handicapping classes at Southern Nevada Community College. Tony was the founder and publisher of the "Football Confidential" newsletter which proved to be one of the top selling sports newsletters in the country. For 5 years he hosted the very popular Tony Diamond Sports and Gaming radio show and for 3 years was a regular co-host on the Stardust Line Saturday night radio show from the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas.

His Diamond Rated selections service have produced 19 consecutive winning seasons in both football and basketball and 17 of 19 winning seasons in baseball. Tony's selection service has been used by the novice or hobbyist sport bettor to the 'heavy hitters" from around the world. His client base has included sport bettors from all across America as well as 24 countries around the world. Bookmakers and bettors from around the country have subscribed to his exclusive one of kind T-Ratings. The only true against the spread power ratings for all teams in all sports. These ratings have been documented to have a 10% to 15% closer result ratio than the opening Las Vegas lines.

In 1991 Tony and wife Shirley formed "Sport Specialties of Las Vegas" a sport advisory company which became very active in supporting non-profit organizations including sponsoring and implementing a annual Christmas party for homeless, orphaned and underprivileged children in the name of Las Vegas sport bettors. Determined to provide what he considers a very valuable service to his clients with honesty, integrity and professionalism, despite being associated with a industry in which there are many unscrupulous business practioners. His reputation for a straight forward honest approach to his advisory services has gained the respect of his peers, clients and all involved in the sport service industry.



Vegas Wise

Jorge has lived in Las Vegas for 40 years and has 22 years of experience of beating the sports books. Jorge burst onto the scene in 2001 and has collected five documented number No. 1 titles and numerous top 10 finishes. Few can match the hot streaks that "The Vegas Kid" has engineered. Jorge won the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge in 2003 racking up +8660 units. In 2005 Jorge capitalized on the NBA with a +50 unit season hitting almost 60% of his selections.

Jorge parlayed his early success in the handicapping world and landed a spot as a featured co-host on the legendary Stardust Line Radio Show. Jorge was a co-host from 2003 to 2006 and has developed into one of the most heard and seen sports personalities in Las Vegas. Jorge also appears on a regular basis on the Sports Nights in Las Vegas, hosted by NBC's Kevin West. Jorge is the Host on Vegaswise Sports Talk on Fox Sports Radio 920 AM in Las Vegas daily from 5pm-7pm.



Pure Lock

Pure Lock was started back in 2000. Pure Lock is a service that believes Quality over Quantity is the way to go. Pure Lock usually has only one NFL play and one CFB play per week. Pure Lock has A LIFETIME RECORD Above 60% IN CFB and even turned a PERFECT 100% (14-0) CFB regular season back in 2006. 56-36 61% Last FIVE Years In College Football! If Quality is what you are looking for, look no further!



Mikey Sports

Mikey Sports Uses a System of Power Ratings for Each Sport. This Combined with Trend Analysis, Stats, and Line Value Makes for the Perfect Combo to Ensure That YOU WIN BIG! Mikey's System Gives Out A Power Rating of 3-5 Units, Depending on Sport, Stats, SOS, Etc. Mikey Has Proven, Year In and Year out, to Produce a Profit! Averaging 3+ Plays per Sport Each Week Proves to Put Big Bucks In The Wallet! Just Take A Peek At The Leaderboard Each Week and YOU Will Know To Stick With MIKEY and WIN BIG Today!



R&R Totals

R&R Totals Works with Over-Unders Only. Usually Having Only ONE Over-Under Per Day Per Sport, R&R Deals with Stats, Trends, and PR'S for "Totals" only. If You Are Looking For Quality At Even Money or Better, Look No Further! R&R Will Be At The Top Of The Leaderboards for Any Sport, Any Time! We Only Play The Best Possible Total For Any Given Sport On Any Given Day, So If "Totals" Is What You Are Looking For, YOU Have Found The Right Service! Stick With Quality Over Quantity Now! Join R&R Totals Today!



Rocketman Sports

Rocky Atkinson from Rocketman Sports has been handicapping since 1996. During that time we have had several #1 finishes in various sports and numerous Top 5 and Top 10 finishes at several monitors. Consistency is the name of the game and we do it well. STOP GAMBLING and START INVESTING and remember that Sports Wagering is a marathon and not a sprint. We handicap NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, NHL, MLB and Nascar currently. Rocketman is known for honesty, integrity, hard work, and plain out just winning money for his long term clients. Rocketman has been gambling since 1987 and learned that gambling and investing/handicapping are two entirely different things. Back when Rocketman was a "gambler", we played way too many games and made lots of mistakes with money management. We learned that money management is one of the KEY Ingredients to winning. We finished #2 in the Prestigious Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest in 2003 winning $83,300 with our team of cappers. Here are our results broken down by sport since we started capping back in 1996. CFB (12 of 15 winning years in College Football including documented #1 in 2002 hitting 62%! NFL (10 of 15 winning NFL Seasons including 68% in 2006-2007) NBA (12 of 15 winning overall NBA Seasons including 11 straight winning NBA Regular seasons to start off) CBB (12 of 15 winning CBB Seasons) NHL (12 of 14 winning NHL Seasons) MLB (11 of 15 winning MLB Seasons) NASCAR (7 of 9 winning seasons!!) We invite you to join us daily on this site and experience the thrill of winning consistently!!!

Years in Business 15
Area of Expertise ACC and SEC

Handicapping Style:
We use various ingredients for our winning recipes in the different sports. We use a lot of statistics along with trends. We also create our own power ratings for each sport including six sets of power ratings in the NBA. We are usually a low volume, quality over quantity sports service. We have a money management system and try to get clients to understand the reason why you don't play too many games. All plays are rated 1-5 units with 5 being the highest.

Personal Message:
Rocky started Rocketman Sports with the vision of making his clients money on a long term basis year in and year out. We feel strongly we are one of the best overall handicappers in the world today. One of our slogans is to "STOP GAMBLING AND START INVESTING!" Also remember that wagering on sports is a MARATHON NOT A SPRINT. We may lose some of the sprints but its the marathon that really counts. Don't feel like you have to play every single day because sometimes its better to simply take a pass and wait on something better to come along the next day. Rocketman was the documented #1 overall handicapper in the world in 2004 at The Professional Handicappers League!



Guaranteed Cappers Lock Club

Lock Club has been in business since November 2005 and has made MAJOR, MAJOR money for tons of clients. Lock Club consists of 4 handicappers. The 4 MLB cappers will differ from the 4 NFL cappers, etc... Only the best! I am one of the cappers for each sport so all Rocketman Sports members will never have a play against a Rocketman premium pick. If two cappers agree, the play is a 10*, if three agree a 15* and all four agree a 20* play. If three agree and one is on the other side it is a no play. At times we'll have a 25* or 30* play according to all four agreeing and Game of the Month, Game of the Year status by one or more of the cappers. These top plays are very rare and hit at a very, very high percentage. The Lock Club picks will be released on a recorded message using your own passcode. After purchasing, email to obtain passcode.



The Great White Capper

Tony Gulledge
In addition to my plays, I will look to deliver some of my insight and techniques for spotting a viable play and perhaps even more importantly I will spend time discussing plays to avoid and why. The intent of this site is not for me getting rich having people fork out hefty service fees, but instead it is to form a coalition of people serious about being involved in a cohesive long term plan for obtaining profitable results consistently. This is gambling folks, there are NO GUARANTEES that any particular play will win... that's just the plain and simple facts of the matter. If you are being advised that a game is a can't miss or to make a massive bet far beyond any bet you have been advised to make before, then I'd suggest that you are being hustled by someone that has little to no concern about whether you win or lose and is certainly not making the same wager himself... that I will guarantee.The program here is simple... I will put the work in to provide only the plays to you that I am making myself. You will never be advised to wager on a contest that I myself don't personally have an interest in... PERIOD. If I look over a daily rotation and don't see something that is worthy of risking my own coin, then don't expect to get a play just for the sake of having something to bet... the purpose of this service is to make money, not be entertained. Clients of this service will receive my personal plays, and more importantly how to play them in respect to the current level of bankroll and the strength of any given selection. Look for details about the service and specific rates in the upcoming weeks... for now, just follow along to see if the services of The Great White Capper are something that you feel will be of benefit to you in your sports wagering endeavors.



Golden Contender

Rob Vinciletti is the founder of Golden Contender sports,he is a sports wagering investment consultant,  known and respected nationwide for his no nonsense approach and work ethic.  Beating the books takes a lot of hard work and strong information .Rob leaves no stone unturned.  Every game on the board is thoroughly analyzed.  A tremendous amount of time is taken handicapping the games, utilizing many factors to determine the outcomes. The combination of time backed technical systems with situational and fundamental ideologies provide a clear cut advantage.  After analyzing all of the day's data, Rob then turns to powerful offshore information to put it all together. Rob has solid offshore contacts who provide information on where the sharp money is going as well as what the squares who reload their accounts weekly are playing.  The combination of solid capping and offshore steam, together with superior money management make for solid investments. These selections can be wagered on with confidence.  If you are tired of all the usual promises and service hype and want to play with a reputable source who wagers on his own selections, now is the time to jump on board.  You can also listen to Rob on the weekly Sports talk Radio show on Monday nights with show host Anthony Pierno at 7:05 eastern at 88.9 WSIA.FM. RV



 Ray Polacco Sports

Welcome to a new kind of sports investing. I employ betting principles that blends a keen understanding of odds value with statistical analysis.
There are no "Get Rich Quick" schemes in sports investing, as there will always be highs and lows, but I have proven my odds value technique to be a long-term strategy for success. I handicap all major sports, specializing in baseball, football and basketball.



 VIP Sports Winners

VIP Sports Winners Is Your #1 Source For High Quality Sports Winners!
VIP Sports Winners Deal With Top Shelf Sports Information In Football, Baseball, Basketball, International Soccer, Hockey and Horse Racing!
We Have Set The Bench Mark For Long Term Quality Sports Picks.
Our Goal Is To Provide Our Customers With Uncompromised Sports Information
We Treat All Customers With The Highest Level Of Respect and Truthfulness.
We Have Flexible Packages For All Investors.
We Have 3 Main Clubs; The VIP Club , The Vault Club, and The High Roller Club.
High Roller Club Members Have Access To All Of the Sites Winning Selections Including The Vault Club and The Daily VIP Club Winners.
The High Rollers Club Releases 1-3 Very Solid Selections Every Week. The High Roller Club Gives You Access To Best Information Money Can Buy
The Vault Club Gets You In On 1 Big Game A Day as Well as The Daily VIP Picks.
The VIP Picks Are High Quality Daily Winners Available To All For A Great Price
All Clubs Have Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Packages.
So Join The VIP Sports Family & Boost Your Earnings Today!
Call Now to Get Started 1(800) 510-3208



 JOE SILKOWSKI / Lucky Pollok Sports





 BooYah Sports Picks

Welcome to BOOYAH Sports!!!  We have been betting on sports since we can remember and have always been successful.  We are all about winning long term as anyone can pick winners for a day or two straight,  but over the course of years is the tough part.  Below is a little bit about our rating process and service.

Depending on what you are comfortable with and can afford, we recommend playing all our plays.  Our betting system is as follows:

(1*) plays are our Single Booyah’s and of course the most common, this will be your normal starting bet amount.(2*) plays are our Double Booyah’s, double the amount of your normal single bet. (3*) plays are our rare Triple Booyah’s, when the stars and the moon align we will release this ultra-premium play, this will be Triple the size of your normal betOur free plays will  normally be posted on Monday-Friday by 5pm Central time.  On the weekends we will post our plays at least an hour before the first game of the day that we have a play on.

For our Premium players you can expect to be emailed your plays at least 1 hour before game time, lines move the most right up until the start of an event so we like to make sure we give you the best line possible. We hope you enjoy our plays, service and insight.  Remember to bet responsibly as good money management is the key to being successful!!!



 Jules Simandl  / MrJs Points

 Football sports picks and basketball sports picks are my thing!  For years I used the handicapper's information to aid me with friendly wagers, but one thing seemed to  be missing...SHOULD I GIVE OR TAKE THE POINTS?

I publish NBA picks, NFL picks, NCAAF picks, NCAABk picks and WNBA picks and predictions. Straight and Against The Line. After over 20 years of strenuous calculations, I developed a minimum of 15 formulas for each sport based upon a team's average points on offense and defense that were derived from actual game scores to obtain the highest percentage of Wins against the Vegas Line.  I call these comparative values...J-Points.  Therefore, if the J-Points are equal to or greater than the Line, I give the points and pick the Favorite to cover;  or if the J-Points are less than the Line, I take the points and pick the Underdog. If you are looking to increase your winning percentage while sports gambling, look no further. My benchmark guarantee is...IF I DON'T BEAT THE VEGAS SPREAD FOR THE WEEK, YOU GET THE NEXT WEEK FREE! It's pretty simple, I'll tell you what sports teams are going to win AND by how much! The J-Points system is based upon mathematics other information is used.  I have mathematical sub-formulas for every contingency.  If you don't see the teams picks that you are interested in after signing up for the week, just make the request and you will get it emailed to you FREE! Full week of picks for $10.00 per sport...WNBA is $5.00 per week.



 Assassin Sports Betting

My unique set of betting strategies allows me to consistently turn a profit for my members. My success stems from a combination of money management, innovative research, expert analysis of line movements, and the ability to identify contrarian investment opportunities.While I have certainly had my share of wins and losses and I've been able to make it work by knowing when to play it big and when to play it small and most importantly, when not to play a game at all. This strategy doesn't always make me rich in a day but over the long haul it has made me a winner and then some. The end result is strategy that produces consistent winnings year after year. I take a long-term approach to my investments and let my consistent winning & Profits speak for itself.. Sign up for one of my packages and start winning with me today! Quit looking at betting as a risk and start looking at it as an investment! I can deliver all the tools to win in this business!



 Mr Profits Picks

My name is Mike & I'm sole owner of Mr Profits Sports Picks. I have been a professional bettor for 15 yrs & I have come to the conclusion that I wanted to pass along to the betting public my handicapping skills & specialize in providing Profitable Free picks for my clients as well as my low rate Premium "All Sports" Access packages..That's right, No Purchasing, No Hassles nor Obligations for my Free pick selections. All you need to do i s take a couple minutes of your time to register. Registration is required due to the tracking of members & emails so as to send out my Free play selections also via email & to send out possible alert plays & information updates.If your looking for Reliable Free picks then look no further!! I'm a consistent as well as documented winner. All plays that I post on my site are the same plays that I wager on myself.I will not force any plays,which means that i will make no play that I'm not comfortable with. I will only release Free & Premium selections that meet my required criteria to qualify as a sound play, such as Steam Moves,Smart Money & Trend plays.. Join me today & see for yourself what you may be missing out on. My main goal is to meet your needs and make you a Profit with my Free play/Premium selections.



 Bookie Blitz

Bookie is a group of talented handicappers and sports reporters that gather the most current and up-to-date data to pick winners.All of the sports picks are provided for free at All picks are accompanied with stats, trends, and betting information that reveals the reasoning behind the selections. All personnel from have a vast background in sports and sports betting that are used in conjunction with one another to pick winners on a regular basis. All handicappers participate in the world renowned Las Vegas Super Contest and have been featured at major media outlets such as among others. Bookie also offers a wide variety of other sports betting tips and sports book reviews for all of their visitors. Stop by and get all of the free information and picks to Blitz your Bookie! 




Comp Picks

My name is Leo A. Turner II, and I am a professional sports handicapper, aka sports betting winner.  SEC and Big 12 football are my specialty, but I know and understand all of college football.  I cap and play on NHL, MLB, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, NBA, and NFL.  I also have five years of sports book management knowledge that helps me profit.  I am very happy to be a part of COMPPICKS ; the best up and coming sports handicapping website today.The people at the website think and operate just like I do, and that is to win one more pick than you lose and make money every week you play.  I have attended hundreds of college and professional sporting events.  I have held season tickets for two NCAA football teams both in the SEC and Big 12.  I have had NBA season tickets as well.  I have a business degree in marketing and have owned several small businesses.  I treat sports betting just like building a portfolio of investments with the main goal to make money.  The winning philosophy in sports betting is to have more winners than losers.  You do not want to lose five straight and have one big winner to break even.  That method of capping makes no sense.  I don't make big money plays just to balance out.  I do believe that if you are up big and want to play bigger money, then do it.  I play straight spreads, money lines, parlays, and teasers.  I don't pick or bet on every single game everyday, and I only give out picks that I play myself.  Betting on sports is something I am good at and have been able to make money on for well over a decade.




Black Swan Sports

Big Jay has been handicapping sports professionally since 2012 and decided to upgrade Black Swan Sports but this time bring with him a new look as well as a few friends he's met along the way in his professional handicapping career. Jay and P Money started this site in 2012 but have seen their handicapping careers take different turns. P Money decided to stay behind the scenes with a few personal customers where as Jay branched out and can be found on various other sports handicapping sites.

Sean Higgs, Kyle Hunter, Tony Corleone, and World Wide Sports were handpicked to join this site and bring their own unique and exciting handicapping styles to the team! It is a safe and secure process when joining any one of our handicappers here! Register first and then sign up through paypal after that just login and access the plays of whichever handicapper you decided to join! You can't go wrong with any one of these guys and each handicapper is 100% documented and verified!
Twitter: @BigJaySports



 Jeffrey Brandes

Jeffrey first appeared on the scene as a public handicapper in 1996. He advertised his horse racing selections in the Daily Racing Form. A couple of his notable moments were when he sold his selections for the 1996 Kentucky Derby with the sales approach of "Dosage Rules The Derby". He also correctly advertised in the Racing Form that Cigar's 16 race winning streak would come to an end in the Pacific Classic at Del Mar. 

Once the internet began to get under way, Jeff wrote a column for Rolling Good Times Online on a daily basis. He also wrote articles for other websites as a guest from time to time.

Jeffrey was one of the original handicappers of race selections for a popular horse racing service. Jeffrey was handicapping the NY and KY circuits at that time as well as the NFL and NBA. He brought both respectability and credibility to the buisness.

Jeffrey also handicapped for a short time for sportswire using the name Brandes Sports Information Network. He also had his own website, allprocappers, which actually did quite well just selling horse racing selections.

A little more about Jeffrey. Sports Haven in New Haven Ct. held it's first tournament in 1997 and Jeffrey was there. His most successful adventure in a tournament came around 2000 when he had Early Pioneer $200 win in what he believes was the Hollywood Gold Cup. Victor Espinoza was the jockey. He bet the race $90 across for himself and believes he got back $3138 when the race was official. He was close up on the leaders board at that time but with just one bet left and several others still ahead of him, he "took the money" and ran home. On the entire ride back, in the snow and ugly weather, all Jeffrey could say in the car back to New Jersey was "Come on Victor, come on Victor".

Jeffrey Brandes now offers selections for NCAA football and basketball, NBA, MLB, and the NFL for Sportscapping. Jeffrey has been recognized as a leading horse racing and sports handicapper for over 17 years. Offering both sides and totals, selections are made for early and late games. Not every game is selected, only the "best of the best".

Are you willing to do what it takes to make your bankroll increase for a full

Do yourself a favor if you plan on playing football, basketball, or baseball. Get yourself aligned with Jeffrey Brandes.

Jeffrey Brandes



 Ross Benjamin

Ross Benjamin has made his reputation in this industry by being one of the sharpest sports handicappers of the recent decade. In professional sports handicapper Ron Raymond’s published book “50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” he probably says it best. “One of the most underrated handicappers in our industry and probably one of the sharpest ones I know is Ross Benjamin.”  

In spite of going public just 9 years ago Ross has been around the sports handicapping industry for the majority of his adult life. Starting at the age of 23 Ross broke into the business by working for one of the biggest bookmakers in Western New York. This laid the foundation that gave Ross the invaluable perspective of how lines are set, line movements, how public perception affects the line, and the uncanny ability to spot value. One of Ross’ often used phrases when speaking publicly is “if you want to be a successful sports handicapper then start by thinking like a bookmaker”. Ross is now 54 years old and has been directly involved in many capacities of the sports gaming industry for the last 31 years. However there is nothing he enjoys more than the challenge of picking winners against the point spread in football and basketball or the money line in baseball.

Ross moved to South Florida in July of 2002 and his since relocated his office to Canton, Massachusetts in 2009. His stock really sky rocketed publicly after winning the 2003 Playbook Football Wise Guy contest and it has been soaring ever since. Ross swept all 3 categories of the invitational contest that consisted of 45 sports services. Ross walked away with $10,500 in real cash winnings. Ross was documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma as #1 handicapper in the country on money earned during 2008 March Madness by posting a record of 29-17 (63%). In 2009 he followed that up by posting a rock solid 35-21(62%). In 2007 Ross was also #1 rated handicapper in the country on money earned in the NFL Playoffs as documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma posting a stellar record of 9-2. Those selections included both the side plus the total winners in the Super Bowl on the Giants and under the total. He followed that up by going 6-3 in the 2008 NFL Playoffs. In 2005-2006 Ross was rated the #1 NHL handicapper in North America by one of the most reputable sports monitors on the web BigGuy. At that very same sports monitor in 2005-2006 Ross was rated #2 rated handicapper in the country in the NBA. In the 2003 college football season Ross was documented by as going a remarkable 45-23 (66%). In the 2010-2011 college basketball regular season Ross was #1 in North America as documented by The Sports Watch of Las Vegas posting a record of 116-77 (60.1%). He followed that up with a successful 28-21 (57.1%) 2011 March Madness. His $1000.00 a game players made a whopping $36,200.00 for the season.

 Ross became in high demand by radio stations across the country who valued his expert opinions and analysis of upcoming games. In the 2007 football season he was heard weekly on 10 radio stations across North America. The stations include KFNS AM 590 "The Fan" in St. Louis, Missouri, WAXY AM 790 ESPN radio Miami, Florida, WHBQ AM 560 Memphis, Tennessee, WHTK AM 1280 Rochester, New York, WJOX AM 690 Birmingham. Alabama, KTIK AM 1350 ESPN radio Boise, Idaho, WJDX AM 620 Jackson, Mississippi, CKST AM 1040 Vancouver, British Columbia (aired during the Jim Rome Show), KTKR AM 760 "The Ticket" San Antonio, Texas, and KZNS AM 1280 "The Zone" Salt Lake City, Utah.

He was the past host of the “The Ross Benjamin Show” on The Sports Journey Broadcast Network. Ross has shown to be very media savvy. His ability to be well versed in the world of sports above and beyond sports handicapping has made him a valuable radio commodity.

As opposed to many in this industry Ross has an impeccable reputation in operating with the highest degree of ethics, professionalism, and integrity. His handicapping style is not limited to one particular area but is well diversified taking into account numerous factors. As a result Ross is one of the most consistent winners in this industry today and never jeopardizes his integrity to make an extra dollar from a potential client. One conversation with Ross and you will understand the wealth of knowledge, honesty, and integrity that this true professional brings to the table.



 Number One Sports Picks

#1 SportsPicks provides insight and advice on betting college and professional sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA.

If you're looking for an edge in sports wagering, #1 SportsPicks is for you!

For seven years we have hand picked what we consider the most profitable games each day, sharing which team we think will win, explaining why we think they will win, and providing the latest lines and contact information for the top sportsbooks in the world, all at no cost to you!

From the opening game of the season to the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, NCAA Final Four, Stanley Cup, or NCAA Football Championship Game, we have the information you seek when considering betting on a sporting event, all for FREE!

Why pay for a sports wagering service when we provide the same information at no cost? Do your bankroll a favor and try!



All American Sports

Joe D'Amico owns and operates All American Sports in Las Vegas, Nevada. A third generation Race and Sports personality, his father and grandfather are revered in horse racing industry.  Joe started in the business at 10 years old with football sheets in the schoolyard. He is a resident of Las Vegas for 26 years in which he has been in and around sports on a daily basis by working and managing several Las Vegas Sports books and several Sports Information Services.   Joe is well known in the Vegas casinos and in joints around the country as a streetwise player that has tapped into exclusive resources unavailable to the general public. He uses connections from Las Vegas, New York, the Islands, along with second to none Sports book sources to maximize profits and minimize expenditures. With Joe, it's all about wins, losses, and solid money management. He is one of the biggest bettors out there.

This Legend of the Strip is one of the most respected and highest rated sports gamblers in Las Vegas. When Joe walks into a Vegas Sports book, Casino Managers tremble, but is also affectionately known as "The Host of Last Vegas."   D'Amico is featured regularly as an analyst and handicapper in several publications such as the Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Sun, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the Bloomberg News Report. In 2007, Joe bested nine other well respected veteran ‘Cappers to win the prestigious Las Vegas Review Journal Handicapper's Challenge. Joe also just won the 2010 Review Journal NCAAF Handicappers Challenge Contest besting a slew of other professional 'cappers. He is also featured on dozens of the industry's most respected websites, including his flagship site, You can hear him throughout the year for all the major sports on several different radio sports and handicapping shows nationally, regionally, and locally. In the 2016/2017 NFL and NCAAF campaigns, his own, "Joe D'Amico's Football Forecast," on CBS Sports Radio 1120 am, quickly became the most-popular, Las Vegas based sports talk show on any network. Year in and year out, Joe is always at or near the top in every sports betting category in NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, and MLB.

"Mr. D" is so well-respected in Las Vegas that in 2015, he was given the honor of having his own TIPS SHEET endorsed and given out in the Vegas Race & Sports books. Not only that, but in the year 2015, Joe D'Amico was voted as one of Las Vegas' Top-100 Most Influential People and #1 in Sports Gambling. The 2016 football campaign saw the beginning of his coveted, radio show, "Joe D'Amico's Football Forecast" on CBS Sports Radio. The weekly show quickly rose to be the most-popular sports talk show in Southern Nevada known for its substantial content, featuring a mixture of sports, sports betting, and entertainment icons. In 2017, the Las Vegas Icon starred in the documentary, "Now Place Your Bets," a full feature big screen film, co-starring, Baseball's "Hit King," Pete Rose, horse racing and NFL handicapping pioneer, Dennis Tobler, as well as a who's who in sports gambling, explaining the popularity of sports betting's past, present, and future.  He is known not just in Vegas but around the country as the best BIG PLAY ‘CAPPER in the business.

Since being documented over the last few years, Joe D'Amico has over 25 top 5 finishes including several number 1 finishes. Joe has risen to be the best post-season name in sports gambling. Nobody works harder than Joe D'Amico as each season, no matter the time of year, you will always find Joe at the top of the leader boards regardless of the sport. As he says, This isn't what I do, this is who I am." When it comes to making money, there is no one better than Joe D'Amico.



Gridiron Gold Sheet
One of the Nations Leading Football Newsletters is Gridiron Gold Sheet. Gridiron Gold Sheet Football Newsletter is an award winning online football newsletter (subsidiary of Gridiron Gold) with a history of high percentage winning football picks. We apply expert analysis systems perfected for over 34 years to every game, so that you can be on the right side. Dennis Stagliano's Gridiron Gold Sheet college & pro football newsletters feature five college and four pro best bets in every issue. Picks for all other board games are offered as leaner recommendations. Every issue gives you a great bang for your buck with weekly college & pro schedules, injury news, power ratings, trends and a college football TV schedule. Thirty four years as a multiple award winning handicappers. We highly recommend that you add Gridiron Gold Sheet to your arsenal of sports betting information for only $9 per issue. Start winning, order Gridiron Gold Sheet now at



Scottie Can Pick

My name is scott. I run I have tried countless handicappers always said we are the best. I then discovered a way to pick MLB OVERS/UNDERS. I have over 10 different stats that all have to be aligned and that is when I have a game to play. I am 78% over the last 3 years. After a few years of that I met some handicappers and hired them for Football and basketball. This year in football 2016/17 in the playoffs we went 80%+ and picked the SB. It was awesome. My clients are so happy. Visit my web site for more info. We are a cut above everyone, you can bet on it!! scottiecanpick OUT