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Please find the topic below that best describes the issue you are encountering and follow the instructions given to resolve the issue.

If you find that your issue is not listed below or that you still are having the issue even after following the steps listed to resolve an issue then please follow the instructions at the bottom of the page under "What To Do If I'm Still Having Issues?"

I forgot my user name and cannot log in?

You can also use the email address you registered with to log in. Try logging in with your email address instead. 

I forgot my user name and the email address I registered with and cannot log in?

You'll have to contact support for this. Typically we require our users to remember the email they register with. Otherwise anyone can claim to be a user asking for some kind of change to an account so this becomes a security issue. Our support team will need you to verify that you are the owner of the account. For handicappers this typically entails temporarily putting a specific tag on the website they have registered at

I forgot my password and cannot log in?

Please use this password reset form. You'll need the email address you registered with. Please be patient after clicking the Get New Password button. You will receive an email from "" with the link to reset your password. If you don't see the email after some time please check your Spam/Bulk folder and be sure to whitelist the email address ""

Note that if you try to reset your password multiple times only the link in the most recent email sent from will be active. Previous emails with links become inactive after each new password reset request.

My Pick Did Not Submit Or Does Not Show Up In The Daily Picks?

If you're trying to submit a pick on the submit-a-pick page and the form is returning an error that you cannot resolve on your own, please follow the instructions in the section below labeled "What To Do If I'm Still Having Issues?" Remember to include as much info as possible in your email, in this case things like: what you entered into the form; what error message you were receiving; and anything else you might think is useful to us in resolving your issue. If you can take them, screenshots of the form before and after you submit your entry would be helpful and speed up the resolution of any possible issues.

Note: If no information is provided in the email other than something like "I cannot submit a pick" we cannot really help resolve the issue because there is not enough information and the site is working for others.

If you're pick does not show up in the daily picks table ensure that you have chosen the correct date for the pick.

What To Do If I'm Still Having Issues?

If you could not find your issue above or have followed the steps above and are still having issues do the following:

  1. Collect as much detail as possible regarding the issue you are encountering (page the issue occurs on, the actions you performed, and any error message you may be receiving).
  2. Remember that, in general, the more details you provide helps our support team resolve the issue faster than just sending a message stating something like, "I can't log in."
  3. Send an email message with the details collected (do not include sensitive account/password info) to: